This weeks horoscopes are based around the New Moon this Sunday. New Moon energy happens to show up 3 days...
This weeks horoscopes are based around the New Moon this Sunday. New Moon energy happens to show up 3 days before the actual New Moon and is perfect energy to work with as Spring finally begins to emerge (although I hear we are getting snow again this weekend?!) Why is the Moon so important? Ive been working with the phases of the moon for over a year now and the moon and its phases truly hold power to help us manifest our dreams, overcome our obstacles and grow.
With Mercury and Jupiter in retrograde, boy, do we need it. This is the first New Moon since the spring solstice- the astrological new year- and is all about bringing forth some change.
Change manifests differently for everyone, It could be moving on to a different phase of life, like graduating or getting into or out of a relationship. It could also be as simple as starting to drink more water or have a new mind set.
The New Moon is all about setting the base work for this new phase, having the intention even if that's all you do.
Theses horoscopes outline which areas of life may be needing a bit of a refocus. or change. I highly recommend looking at your Moon sign and Rising sign as well you can find yours out here.
This is a great time to reinvent yourself. What do you want to leave behind and what attitudes do you want to continue in this next solar year? This is always a good time to clean out your room or donate old clothes shop for a new wardrobe or get a hair cut! The moon is in your sign so you may be feeling a lot more fires to get to it and just live your new mantra. What is it?
This New moon you are going to be focused on how to create a stable life. You may be in need of something, materially or something to balance out your life. This is the perfect time to start a savings plan or perhaps a new routine that makes you feel like you are moving towards your ideal lifestyle. How can you start living your best life?
Revamp your communication skills. As a Gemini this is an area you excel at but for a while now you may have had trouble expressing your true self, whether you know it or not. It is also important to keep in mind that sometimes the person we are mis-communicating to is ourselves. Are you willing to listen to yourself and communicate with a little bit more love?
Feelin’ the Crab life. This is a great time to consider what makes you comfortable and how you can feel at home. Perfect for rearranging your home space or making plans for a move. The moon is in your House of Foundations, which not only represents your material home but also how you feel at home -in yourself, what keeps you grounded. Theses areas may just need some re-acknowledgement and dusting off in order for you to enter this new Astrological Year in a more comfortable way.
Getting Creative and Feeling Your Self. This New Moons brings some fresh perspectives on your life area of fun and creativity. Creative projects might start flowing and the next four weeks will bring opportunity for you to refine some skills. This is the perfect time you just be happy. Remember that life is what you make it so let some things roll off, you wont stress too much this month.
Daily Planner. How would you like the next 12 months to go? If you have been thinking about taking on a new project or new routine lately this is the time to commit to it. Concerns around health and well being may be brought up of over the new moon phase and this is the perfect time to address them.
Lovin’ it Up. The Moon is bringing some intense energy down on your area of relationships. As this is the first moon of the Astrological New Year the energy here is perfect to let go of old relationships if some issues are still lingering, and recommit to those relationships that you do have now. This isn’t limited to romantic relationships, what ever you need to let go or clear up now is the time to do it. Finding this balance will only help you in the next few months.
Lets Get Serious. The Moon is in your 8th House and I often discuss this house as the life area of transformation, but it is also the House of Sex and Money. With the new astrological year rolling around its important to address theses issues to keep your life on track. Not on track with your finances? Ask for help, or make a plan. Not happy with Your Sex life? Make some changes, try to figure it out. If theses areas are pretty balanced for you then it is definitely a time to keep it up and enjoy the adventurous energy that is around for you.
All about you. Like, the real you. This Aries Moon is really getting you fired up about some personal development and changes coming up this month. You are ready to go for it and this is so exciting! You are ready to expand and the next year little bit is really going to liven up your beliefs, perhaps even change a few.
Thrivin’ in the Work Place. This Aries Moon brings focus to your career and you may find yourself being rewarded for all your hard work over the next four weeks. With the position of the Moon bringing in some fresh energy this is also a good time to think about next steps and where you want to be. You may even need a change in work life and that’s okay! This is the perfect time to start thinking!
I Wish I Wish. These next few weeks can be a lot of fun for you! The New Moon is bringing some fresh energy on your hopes and dreams, you may be thinking about some big adventures or simple pleasures and you can really have some fun with them this year! This is the perfect energy for vision boarding or having long life chats with your best friends.
Get to Know Your Light. If you ever feel like you are a witch or are interested in anything mysterious, this is the time to dive right in and get curious. Otherwise this is a time for you to get to the essence of yourself. What is your gut/intuition telling you? As a Pisces you may feel this energy hardcore and need to retreat a little bit and have less contact with the world while the universe is throwing you philosophical curve balls.