Yowza, this week is a BIG one! Let me give you a quick low down on what the planets are...
Yowza, this week is a BIG one! Let me give you a quick low down on what the planets are up too. First of all, Mercury is now stationed direct, phewf, and the Sun moves into stable Taurus on the 20th. For some, this may mean things are starting to settle down you may be occupied with tasks that help you get organized for the future. For those with a heavy amount of Mercury in their chart, the shadow period of Mercury Rx, may still be getting to you this means impatience and frustration is totally normal! Just do your best to work through it. We also have Chiron moving into Aries which means our “wounds”, those thoughts that trouble you the most, may show up. They are doing so in order for you to over come them, little by little. Saturn also begins to retrograde on the 18th for a few months which accompanies the steady pace of Taurus energy pretty well. This is time for considerate and thoughtful action, don’t be afraid to plan things for a few months, save up money slowly rather than build up your credit card debt. And listen to what events in your lives may be there upgrade you to another level.
This week is full of intense energy for you Aries, not necessarily the fast action type of energy you like but an energy that asks you to evaluate and consider a lot. Chiron – an asteroid known in astrology as the wounded healer has entered your sign and may bring up some aspects of yourself or your life that you don’t like to think about. Think through these things, act with caution and consider how you can make the best of any situation. With Mercury finally direct in your sign what you need to do should come through loud and clear. You got this.
The Sun enters your sign this week and should bring a feeling of renewal and fresh energy. When the sun is in your first house it is always a good time to celebrate yourself, whether that be planning your birthday party, buying a new outfit, or treating yourself in any other way, make sure you do it this month! Venus is still hanging out in your sign as well which makes this week truly enjoyable for you.
This seems like a good week to consider where you stand, Gemini. Financially, materially, morally – are you where you want to be. Are you really aligned with your desires and values? This is the beginning of a slow process where in a few months you’ll be exactly where you want to be. You are being asked to work through any struggles or misalignments now slowly and with careful thought and intention.
Mercury direct and Chiron in Aries may be bringing you out of your shell a little bit more. You may be communicating a bit better with friends, or to more people then usual. When spring finally starts to show its face toward the end of the week you will feel it too and may want to get out there in some way. With the Mars and Saturn conjunct opposite to your sign these feelings may show up in unexpected ways.
Gradually things will start to reveal themselves to you and you will understand how they relate to the grand scheme of things. The Sun entering Taurus brings a focus to your foundations, this could mean a number of things, family, home, what grounds you. You may find yourself getting organized this week feeling more settled and at home this is super important as a full force of change will be coming your way soon.
As the Sun enters a new sign, we are all entering a new cycle and yours seems to be all about taking on a new perspective. With Chiron moving opposite your sign you may end up thinking about your ‘wounds’ or past troubles, do they still have an effect on you? Should they? With the Sun shining in your fifth house this opens up a lot of energy to rework your mindset a little and perhaps let go of some old habits or thoughts. The fifth house is also a great time to get creative, possibly working through the issues that are brought up by diving into a hobby or having some fun.
Okay Libra, its time to get real here. Some major planets are opposite and square your sign which means that there may be some tension going on this week with your relationships and inner knowing. Words like “opposition”, “tension” and “inner knowing” can be intimidating but basically this week is asking you to get you shit together emotionally. You may have been kinda coasting through life for a bit and this is the beginning of a bit of a change for you. Don’t worry it won’t happen happen immediately but it begins with evaluating, getting clear about how you feel about a person, situation or thing and starting to act on releasing it or going for it or whatever you feel is right for you.
The Taurus Sun shines a light on your relationships this week Scorpio, and with the Saturn retrograde and Mars conjunction square your sign you may be going through some drama or harmony serving in part of some greater lesson this week. The square with these two planets, is most likely to call on you to act in some way on your feelings, the Saturn retrograde supports those actions being in favor of the greater cycle you are going though in this life area that may come to manifest in another few months.
This is a big month for you! You may not feel it right away but it’s definitely going to be full of planting seeds and getting a bit more aligned with some transformation coming your way! Mercury direct and Chiron in Aries are supporting this transformation in ya. They may bring up some obstacles at firsts and that’s totally okay, but as the energy lightens towards the end of the week make sure you have time to consider the how your frustrations have part in where you are headed. This energy may also take part in life areas of money and intimacy so super important to take how you communicate as well as your ‘wounds’ into consideration.
Hey there Capricorn. We got some big energies in your sign this week, Pluto the planet that rules revelations, Mars the planet of action and Saturn the planet of contraction in retrograde. You may be experiencing some next level shit and not even know it. With Chiron in Aries a few signs away you may notice how all your struggles are connected to one another and its important here to remember that you have the power to over come them. As one of the hardest workers of the zodiac you have the fight in you to make it through these energies, make sure to give yourself rest when needed and reflect when you can.
When the Sun enters Taurus on the 20th this begins a new cycle for you in your area of career and work life. Chiron hanging out square to this energy may bring up some of your old lessons or discomforts in hidden ways. It’s important to hold steady this week and make sure you are communicating and active so you don’t spiral down due to thoughts of past mistakes brought up this week by Chiron.
Neptune has been in your sign for quite some time, and Neptune is the planet of mystery and the intangible. This can conflict with the Saturn retrograde happening a few signs away. This week you may find yourself more confused and all over the place, perhaps even down on yourself. This is the deceptive part of Neptune poking at you, possibly because its bored and lost its buddy Chiron to Aries now. Try not to feed into self deprecation focus on the positive and productive sides of yourself. With the Sun moving into Aries your friendships can be relied on to build you up and stabilize your energy this month.

Sarah Goldsmith

is a bubbly, excitable, tea enthusiast. Aside from a degree in history she studies astrology and works closely with the tarot. In the future she aims to continue her education while growing her spirituality business on the side. Follow her onInstagram where she offers readings and other insight !