August is coming to an end already and back to school vibes are coming in hot this week. Not only for those...

August is coming to an end already and back to school vibes are coming in hot this week. Not only for those who actually do have to go back to school, if you have recently graduated or have been out of school for some time the energy leading into September always seems like something is coming to an end and we need to refocus or get prepared to work for something. That may be because Virgo Season is HERE. Virgo is an earth sign in astrology which means that practical matters, efficiency, and organization are key this month.

Aries : Aries Rising 

After the Full Moon on Sunday, you may be feeling refreshed as if you have just walked into a new phase of your life.  You may face some issues toward the end of the week where you need to communicate to others that you have had a change of heart or have taken on a different perspective than others are used to. It can be tough when you suddenly find yourself on a different wavelength than others around you but it is important to understand that everyone grows at a different pace and you have just taken some sort of leap toward your own development!

Taurus : Taurus Rising

The energy of Virgo season comes easily for you Taurus, you love the opportunity to restructure, plan things out, and find stability. Venus in Leo creates and nice sextile angle to your ruling planet giving you a lot of opportunities this week to get what you want to be done in terms of creative pursuits and leisure. With the Moon in your Sign inconjunct to Jupiter on Saturday, you may be faced with some bad luck be careful to not let it bring your good mood down.

Gemini : Gemini Rising 

With the Sun in Virgo this month you may face some challenges only because its mutable earth sign energy contrasts to your air sign. The challenges this month may be sticking to a new project and focusing in on something where your mind may want to wander off and explore other things. Do your best to stick it out. Your ruling planet, Mercury has some interesting interactions with Venus, Jupiter, and Mars this week all making this week a bit of a mental test, you need to keep reminding yourself what needs to get done and stay away from distractions.

Cancer : Cancer Rising 

You may be coming down from some personal high this week, or getting back from a big adventure and need this week to readjust to normal like and unpack from your experience. The Virgo Sun brings practical communication maters to your side this month and asks you to focus on how you can best communicate to yourself and others. There doesn't seem to be any major dram with your sign this week but proper communication and keeping up with your creative outlets is something you need to keep in mind.

 Leo: Leo Rising

With your ruler, the Sun in Virgo you should be feeling productive AF. This energy feels like how after a great workout streak or yoga session your body seems to be moving better than before, you are more aware of your muscles and movements you make. What do you feel like you are more focused on now? Harness this energy this week and get the ball rolling! With Mercury in your sign sextile to Venus, your creative and communicative actions can go really well, there may be some mental hiccups over the week but you can overcome that self-doubt and laziness in no time.

Virgo : Virgo Rising 

You are in your element this week Virgo! The Sun will be in your sign for the next few weeks giving you a lot to think about in terms of yourself and where you want to go over your next solar year. The energy might start off a little intense after the Pisces Full Moon on Sunday, Pisces is directly opposite to your sign which means the powerful shifts the Full Moon brought in could have been more under the surface for you and on a more basic level of your routine and self-care.

Libra : Libra Rising 

The Sun is officially in your 12th house of endings which means that this is the last month in your current solar cycle. This is the perfect time to look over the past year and think about what has changed, how you may want to recenter yourself to any good habits you let slip away or rid of any bad ones that caught on. Venus is still in your sign and is sextile to Mercury in your third house. This suggests that now would be a good time to speak your truth when it comes to personal issues and your relationships.

Scorpio : Scorpio Rising

Your ruling planet, Mars, goes directly on Tuesday! After spending a few months in retrograde you may have felt a little off, some projects may not have gone as planned, your finances or sex life could have been a bit of a mess. Well, that is all about to change Scorpio! Consider what you can do now to get whatever it is back in motion and you will be sure to see success over the next month!

Saggitarius : Saggitarius Rising

Venus is in a nice aspect to your ruling planet, Jupiter this week offering some positive vibes when it comes to your big dreams and life goals this week. What are you working towards? With Mercury square Jupiter later this week a little action could go a long way this week in taking some steps toward that future you've been dreaming of.

Capricorn : Capricorn Rising

Mars goes direct in your sign this week, and you need to make the best of it. With Saturn still retrograde you could get frustrated by feeling like you need to take action when there is nothing to be done. If this is the case you are actually being called to take a break and ease up a little. If however, there is something in your life that you feel called to take action on or move forward with now is the time to do what you can (particularly if you are also an Aries or Virgo Sun Moon or Rising).

Aquarius : Aquarius Rising 

Something that has been festering under the surface for a while will show its head this week. This issue comes up due to Saturn in Capricorn inconjunct to your ruling planet, Uranus. The issue could be regarding your love life and family, and how they relate to the larger lessons and changes we go through in life. The big lesson here is to accept whatever comes up, you can not control the actions of others, but you can appreciate the experiences which force you to grow and become better.

Pisces : Pisces Rising

How are you feeling after that big Full Moon on Sunday? It was in your first house which may have shaken things up a bit for you. The Sun is now in Virgo which has some contrasting energies to your sign. This month you are going to be asked to be more practical and focuses. Use this week to set yourself up for success and implement new patterns that will help you work towards your goals rather than fall back into distraction and emotionally taxing behaviors.