Alrighty Folks, this week we are surrounded with the energy of the Full Moon in Libra. This Moon brings a...
Alrighty Folks, this week we are surrounded with the energy of the Full Moon in Libra. This Moon brings a focus in on our love life and close relationships. This is the perfect time to reflect on if you have been to self interested or perhaps, not enough? Make sure you find a balance between your needs and the needs of others this week. A Uranus and Venus transit reinforces this focus on relationships and love and doing what makes us feel good, but a in a forward looking way – we might make some big commitments this week, re-establish bonds or perhaps just make some really good food.
With the Libra Full Moon in your House of Partnerships that balance between you and your significant other is emphasized 100%. With Mercury in retrograde in your sign as well, its important to be aware of the language you use – verbally and bodily since miscommunication is likely during this time.
Venus has moved into your sign, with it semi sextile Uranus Thursday this may bring some yummy loving feelings to the table. This could mean love or perhaps you have found something that makes you feel really good. The Full Moon in your House of Sex and Shared finances may bring up issues of partnership, especially under the loving sign of Libra this again emphasizes balance between your needs and others. This is also a good time to release any feelings you have about things keeping you from living the life you want, what can you release this week in order to take a leap toward change?
With your ruling planet, Mercury in retrograde you may be feeling kinda funky – some Geminis feel the heat and get overwhelmed others get fired up and are full of energy during retrograde. Which one are you and what can you do to feel good? The Full Moon is in your Big Picture Zone and may also get you thinking about some new discoveries and beginnings on the horizon. Use whatever retrograde induced energy you have to work towards them this week.
The Sun stationed in your House of Foundations and the Full Moon hitting your Career Zone this week is bound to bring up some intense feelings about where you are going professionally. This may be a sign to step up and show them what your made of or perhaps redirect yourself to a place that is closer to your dream. Either way, this is the perfect time to release any tension you have over work issues in order for them to not leak into your personal life.
With the Sun in your House of Fun and the Moon shining on your Friendship Zone I want to say that this moon brings up the perfect opportunity to get wild with your friends. However, as a Leo myself I know it may go deeper than that. The Full Moon also represents a climax so some issue with friendships or unfulfilled pleasures might come up this weekend and it is your job to get balanced. This is the perfect time to sort any dis agreements out and let go of the timeline you have in your head of the way things are supposed to go, the stars are asking you to let things be spontaneous.
The Moon enters your 12th Astrological house this week, the most mysterious of them all. At the Full Moon this may bring up some strong emotions about secrets or what I like to call “who you are when no one is watching”. This is a great time to escape a little bit and reconnect with the You you know. With a long weekend coming up it could be a little hard to get this balance – find small moments where you can get this sense of a time out and relish in it.
The Full Moon is in your sign and this tends to bring up some self reflection – especially when it comes to appearance or how you are presenting yourself to the world. With the Aries Sun shinning on your 7th house of Relationships (aka the House You Rule) your relationships may be part of this self reflection and there could be a big turning point in your life this week. Make sure you have some time to focus on yourself this week while getting the chance to adjust any relationships that are lacking that give and take.
This is a pretty sweet time for you Scorpio – difficult but sweet. Any hardships happening at the moment are all part of some bigger transformation you got going, even if you can’t see it now, I promise you its gonna be worth it. The Full moon is in your house of Finances and Values so issues will come up about money or more worldly things which you may not think is a transformation but take some time, think about how you approach the situations that come up and see how you can grow from these experiences.
Hey. Looks like you have some work to do around communication and how you express yourself. With Mercury in retrograde there are already bound to be issues around this life area this month but with a new month beginning, you can start of on a fresh slate. This is the perfect time to redefine some goals and kick start some plans when it comes to your lifestyle.
The Full Moon is hitting your Family Zone this week which will bring up issues of family time vs personal space. It is important to make sure you are giving your family the support they need as well as taking care of yourself and your space. This energy may oppose the energy of the Sun in your area of career and therefore tension may arise if your focus is elsewhere. Breathe deep though Capricorn, you work hard enough, Get things balanced on the home front and the rest will follow.
Things may get emotional this week, especially in areas concerning your passion or love life. Don’t get too caught up in this and allow yourself to ride the wave and have a little fun for you this week. With your ruling planet, Uranus close by in Pisces the flow may come easy, perhaps making you a bit more dreamy and receptive to the energies of others.
I feel a big energy of re-adjustment for Pisceans this week. Subtly as the Full Moon hits your house of daily habits and routine things may have come to a point where you are either finally getting yourself back on track or feel so off track that you know you need to readjust. This Moon allows you to find balance between your daily routine and what adjustments you feel are necessary. Health issues may come up especially if you are wearing yourself out so make sure to get some time out as well this week.