It’s the last full week of Taurus season and we got a lot of movement going on and a lot...
It’s the last full week of Taurus season and we got a lot of movement going on and a lot of lessons to tie up. With Mars moving out of Capricorn and Venus leaving Gemini shortly, we can expect something to change in the next few weeks. Whether that be our outlook on life or a situation, our physical location, or how we act on our emotions and feel about the world around us.
You have a great opportunity to start fresh this week with the New Moon on Tuesday in your First House of self and The Sun finishing up its time in your sign as well. This is the perfect time to reflect on what you have been through so far on on your birth month and really consider how you would like to go forward. This energy may also bring up a sudden change in something that seems fundamental to who you are, how are you going to rock it anyways?
It’s almost Gemini Season and this means that this week or so is the end of a big cycle for you. With the New Moon in your 12th house you are being asked to reflect on the most inner parts of your self, things you keep secret or leave undiscovered. This may cause you to take a little time out to reflect on your self, your life and how you want to move forward when your experience that energy of renewal when the sun and moon move into your sign.
Not a lot at all seems to be going on for you Cancer. Are you hiding out? This may just mean that it is the calm before the storm as your sign gets a little bit more activity with a waxing moon and Venus moving into your sign. You still have some lessons to tie up in Taurus season though, around friendships and how you communicate. This week may bring a new outlook on both, perhaps rekindling some friendships not that school is over and you got more time on your hands, or that the weather is finally good enough to get out there. So, do it! Get out there and enjoy!
The New Moon on Tuesday brings a whole new vibe to your dreams and career. You may have found a new passion or got a new job and want to know everything you can to succeed within it. This fresh start on your passions relates nicely to The Suns position in your House of foundations, things may have shifted for you over the past few weeks, and now is a good time to settle yourself and really get clear with what you are working towards.
This past month has been all about gaining a new perspective, perhaps getting a little creative or in tune with your child-like side. If you haven’t felt any of those things lately well, this is the week! The Moon is hitting up your area of self development which may bring you some big ideas and energy for adventure and change. This is the perfect time to set some dream goals and reinstate a positive mindset.
This is truly a time of transformation for you. It may not feel quite like a transformation yet, but that's because it is just the beginning! Something may have changed with how you live your day to day life or how you work with and serve others in the world. Do your best to make sure this transformation is for the better by focusing on what makes you comfortable, what makes you happy and how you can live your best life.
Wowie, you got he Sun and Moon focusing in on your House of Love and relationships this week, Scorpio. This is amazing because it is an opportunity for some kind of fresh start and release of old love wounds. However, some work is required. You really gotta consider your part in all of this. How do you want to be loved, how do you want to love others, and most importantly how do you want to love yourself? Yep, the most important part of love and relationships is the love and relationship we have with ourselves. So, while you may be dealing with renewed or fresh relationships consider how you can start a new cycle with your self as well. Like Ru Paul always says - If you can’t love yourself how in the hell are you gonna love somebody else? Can I get an Amen?
This is so cool, for the whole of Taurus season the universe has been bringing some mad transformations your way and this week you may see that transferred into some of your daily routine and practices. With Mars moving closer to a sextile position in relation to your sign, you will be revealing more and more potential for change. What does transformation look like to you?
Mars is getting the heck out of your sign, finally. This should release some tension around situations since Mars is always driving us to act but the retrogrades we are experiencing keep things from going too well. It is finally time for you to lighten up, relax a bit and have some fun. A new perspective is on its way to you with the Taurus New Moon shining on your creativity/fun zone. This is always a funny area to talk about because it could refer to you re-discovering your creative talents or you deciding that person you hate at work isn’t so bad after all. What will it be for you?
This month has brought some things about your career and work life to light, perhaps shaking it up a little. Mars is giving you looks and is about to come over an introduce himself and he is going to make you wanna ACT. Get up, and change some things! But, that’s not going to happen this week, this week is all about preparation, re-establishing your foundations and what it is you stand for. What do you want this new cycle of your life to bring to you?
As if your sign couldn’t get more dreamy and whimsical, Neptune has moved slightly and welcomes a new type of gentle dream like energy to your sign. These renewed mystical vibes from Neptune assists the fresh energy of the New Moon after the weekend where you are entering a new cycle of communication. You may be taking on a new position professionally, or perhaps have realized you aren’t representing yourself the way you would like. You will become more aware of this as the week goes on and have a few more weeks to master your new way of putting yourself out there!
We got lots of movement here Aries, Mercury moves out of your sign on the 14th, Uranus is moving out of your sign on the 15th, and the New Moon moves from your sign into Taurus on the 16th! This suggests a sudden change in your life, it is more than likely that it will be a visible change rather than a mental one – although that still applies here. With the New Moon creating a fresh cycle in your area of values and money it is likely that this is where you will see the change. The movement of Mercury wants me to remind you that this is a time to think through your actions, and don’t make decisions too impulsively. Also – double check your technology and make sure you pack your charger because Mercury transits can be a doozy.
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