Hellloo and welcome to Gemini Season! The Sun has moved from the steady, progressive sign of Taurus and into the...
Hellloo and welcome to Gemini Season! The Sun has moved from the steady, progressive sign of Taurus and into the excitable, curious vibe of the Twins! The next few weeks are going to be all about exploration and communication. We may be trying new things, going on adventures and putting ourselves out there in different ways – perfect for the beginning of the summer. Another big astrological change you should be aware of is that Uranus, the planet of sudden change and revelations, moved into Taurus late last week! This is energy we will feel for the next 7 years! Since it just happened we may experience some life altering events that occur in order for us to better ourselves, produce work that is sustainable and over all improve universal energies. It may be a difficult time for your sign to navigate but don’t you worry Ci3’s horoscopes will have your back every Monday!
The Sun is in your house and it’s the beginning of a whole new lunar cycle for you. With the New Moon last week creating a big shift in your life area of philosophy and personal development, get clear on how you want to make this year the best one yet. The next few weeks will bring up some of these revelations as Mercury, Venus and Uranus are close to your sign. With all this energy around you it is important to consider your inner needs as well, self reflection and time alone will do you some good this month.
The Sun is shining on your house of values, sometimes this can be thought of as the money zone. When this part of our chart is highlighted it is a really good time to take both into consideration, there is an opportunity to start anew with your value system or outlook on money this month. With Venus in your sign as well this energy may be harmonized or enhanced by a need to feel comfort and love. Do you need to value yourself more?
Alrighty Leo, this month you have a brand new opportunity to put yourself out there! You will be adjusting the way you communicate, whether that be with friends, family, your SO or your online version of yourself. This is because the sun is highlighting your third house – the house of communication- which happens to be ruled by the zodiac sign of Gemini! This makes the ability to create change or progress super powerful. With Uranus in Taurus, Square to your Sign, there will be some major things revealed to you this month (…and throughout the next 7 years.) But most importantly consider how you want to communicate this month. How do you want the world to see you?
You may be asked to start shaking things up a little Virgo. The curious and adaptable energy of Gemini is hitting up your area of Foundations and Home. This could mean a move, a redecoration, or perhaps new insight into what is most important to you and what makes you feel grounded and at home. With the moon in your house as well at the beginning of the week you may have time to nurture thoughts of your next steps and new opportunities.
Something has been up with you Libras lately with the Saturn and Pluto Retrograde Square to your Sign things may have felt a little dark or discouraging over the past few months. Gemini season however, unlocks some new creative energy where you are able to have a little bit more fun this time around. What do you want to dive into this month? A new hobby? A new attitude? Or just let it go? The choice is yours!
Wooo! Scorpio! The Gemini Sun is bringing fresh energy to your daily life and routine. This is a good time to reorganize, set a new routine or open up to being of service to other people. I love this house because change really sets in when we integrate some stuff into our routine and daily focus. Whatever you start up this month can have a major impact on what’s ahead. Think of what you want to bring to the table and how you can start working at it on a more routine level.
This is the horoscope almost everyone wants to hear. You are entering a brand new cycle when it comes to love and relationships. With Jupiter, Saturn and Uranus all in retrograde and your sign sandwiched in between them sudden changes and revelations when it comes to love are possible. However, retrogrades usually slow things down and you may experience this new cycle on a more subtle or subconscious level. Either way it is something to pay attention to. Where do you want this new cycle of love to take you?
Listen up Capricorn. You have been dealing with some sh*t lately, I know. And If you haven’t heard already it is due to two major retrograde occurring in your sign (Saturn and Pluto). This month may be a big turning point for you as the Gemini Sun hits up your house of transformation. This life area is mysterious, it brings changes that you may not even realize are happening. Tune into yourself this month and reflect on what it is that may be changing! What are you ready for?
There is some movement happening for you this month Aquarius! Mars entered your sign late last week and complements the Gemini energy nicely with your Big Picture Zone being highlighted in the skies. I know a few Aquarius’ and would go as far to say that something you have been hoping for could come through for real this month! Keep your eye on the prize and focus yourself on those dreams, this week allows you to be adaptable and very "go with the flow" if you accept the gifts that are given to you.
I feel like we have been here before Pisces, with some heavy energy effecting your career and public image. Think back to a few months ago when there was struggle or movement in this life area. It seems like you have some kind of second chance now, what do you want to do differently? With Uranus- the planet of revelations- moving into Taurus new perspectives, ideas and opportunities will be revealed to you so pay attention this week and consider your next move!
Okay Aries. Mercury and Uranus are moving into Taurus next to you, and pesky little Chiron sitting in your sign it is possible that you have felt some harsher energy. If you have been feeling frustrated or perhaps bogged down by something now is the time to snap on out of it and begin to enjoy life. Reach out to some friends, reconnect to some of your yummiest fantasies and dreams. How can you open up a little bit more this week?
Taurus season has officially ended and that may mean some time for adjustment for you. For the next six months the sun will be hitting up your life areas that are more subconsciously driven. This month is the beginning of that – your House of Mystery and spirituality are being highlighted. This is usually a good time to dive into something you are curious about, it is also a good time to turn inward spend some time with you! Since mercury and Urnaus are in your sign this is definitely a good time for some self reflection.