This week is a big one, we are getting right into the power of the Sun in Gemini and are...
This week is a big one, we are getting right into the power of the Sun in Gemini and are also experiencing a Full Moon in Sagittarius on Tuesday! This is a lot of good energy. The kind that pushes you to go out and have fun, keeping your thoughts on the brighter side of things.
Mercury, your ruling planets enters your sign on Wednesday. This brings a lot of Gemini power to the table and you should be feeling SoOo good! Areas of communication will be open and perhaps you'll find some better communication with yourself too. The Full Moon on Tuesday is hitting up your area of Love and Relationships- this is the perfect time to release any tension you have in your relationship and talk it out! Make sure there is a good amount of balance when it comes to your needs and the needs of those you care about.
Your current solar cycle is about to end and the next few weeks may feel a little more busy or fuzzy for you as your unconscious mind is processing the experiences of the past year. With the Full moon in your house of Routine and Health, something may come up that rocks the boat and you’ll find yourself needing to get back on track and into a good pattern again. You have the chance to make some good choices and spark a change in some way this week with Mars calling you to act when it comes to your personal development and transformation.
Friendships, and good vibes are calling your name Leo. You may notice more contact with friends or perhaps a change in friendships throughout this month due to the Gemini Sun highlighting this area for you. The Full Moon in your Fifth house of Fun and Creativity asks you to take on a new perspective when it comes to indulging yourself and sharing your talents. Perhaps it is time for you to put yourself out there and share, or maybe you need some time off from being too social and should allow yourself some time off. Either way, go with your gut this week Leo and have some fun!
The Sun is hitting up your area of Career and Public image this time around. You may want to make some big career moves this week but with the Full Moon in your house of Foundations and Family this can be a little tricky! So, create a game plan! The beginning of the week will be all about getting clear with what you want and towards the weekend, with the double mercury energy in play, you’ll be more likely to put yourself out there and go for what you want.
The Gemini Sun is bringing some big plans to the forefront for you. The next few weeks may open up some opportunities for you to explore where you want to go in the future, in any area of your life. With the Full Moon in your house of Communication, emotions could run heavy this week. Don't be afraid to express yourself! The week of the Full Moon is perfect for releasing whatever you have kept bottled up and can bring you the support or peace of mind that you need.
There has been a lot of intense energy around for you Scorpios lately. Whether it be in your sex life, financial issues or personal development there are winds of change and Gemini season is making itself known. Breathe deep and find some balance again this week. If you are putting more into certain areas of your life than you are getting back it may be time to reevaluate your core values and what you need to pay attention to this summer.
The Sun is hitting up your life area of Love and Relationships for the next few weeks Sag. I always like to remind people that this means self love as well! This is emphasized majorly this week with the Full Moon in your first house. You could be at a turning point when it comes to your personal or professional life. Often other issues come up to distract us on a Full Moon but this time around you got to stay focused on whats best for you, make sure your needs are met and release any issues you may have around self doubt. The Full Moon is in your house baby!
This seems like a good time to make adjustments Capricorn, your sign is currently home to Saturn and Pluto, both in retrograde - this rocks the boat a little but with the Gemini Sun highlighting your life area of Health and Routine you're being asked to ground yourself in practical ways. The Full Moon on Tuesday emphasizes this making it the perfect week to take some time off, cancel some plans that are stressing you out and recoup.
This week seems to be an emotional one, but you're going to make the best of it Aquarius! Mars is in your sign which means you may be taking some action and making changes this week. This is perfect with the Gemini Sun bringing you new perspectives and a hankering for fun. The Full Moon wants you to check in with yourself and make sure that you are getting everything you need, are you feeling fulfilled this week?
Family and home life are at the forefront for you this month. There may be some kind of conflict when it comes to how you want to feel at home and your work life getting in the way. or perhaps the other way around. The Full Moon on Tuesday helps you work things out between these life areas, this isn't necessarily a time to give up and focus on one or the other, but to find balance and step up as an agent for your own happiness.
Its Gemini season and your are reworking your area of communications hard core. You may find yourself opening up, or talking to yourself in a new way. With the Full Moon in your Ninth House of personal development, it is more than likely that your willing to rework some old patterns this week. Wherever you're feeling tension the answer seems to be to talk it out, either to the person involved, with your friends or with yourself.
Mars is hitting up your Career Zone this week which may bring new work opportunities to you or a new drive to preform. While the Sun is in Gemini you will find yourself considering what you truly value when it comes to where you make money and feel your worth, with the Full Moon in your house of Transformation you could be brainstorming new ideas this week for where exactly you want your career to take you. Don't let anything hold you back!