Saturn Conjunct Mars These planets positioned themselves side by side in the sky on Monday. This creates some intense vibes...
Saturn Conjunct Mars
These planets positioned themselves side by side in the sky on Monday. This creates some intense vibes over the next month or so. Mars is the planet of action, our instincts and drive while Saturn speaks to what defines our lives, our responsibilities, and what limits us. When two planets pair up together their energies become united, so this week, we might be more assertive and willing to carry out our responsibilities. This can make things suuuuper stressful and issues may come up with accepting authority or coming into your own and taking charge. This is a big week to take a look at what limits you and see how possible it is for you to act despite those imitations
Mercury stationed retrograde in your sign may bring some big issues with how you are coming across to others. Consider how you want to be seen, what energy do you want to radiate? This week is a great one to start balancing your energy out and re-establishing your brand.
Venus has moved into your sign and this makes for an interesting week. Venus is about feminine energy and love yet also connects us to our senses, what feels good to us, what brings us comfort. This energy maybe a little fuzzy due to the mercury retrograde, but its all there underneath. You may focus on finding pleasure when it comes to money or things you value – what item do you have your eye on? Satisfying this sense of desire can also be as simple as escaping to your favorite place in the city or going somewhere scenic.
A sudden change in routine may occur this week, with the Mars and Saturn partnership shining on your 6th house this encourages you to take action and make any adjustments needed. The Sun is still in your house of communication, and this is where you shine. You’re ruling planet mercury is still in retrograde which may contribute to these new perspectives and changing happening in your life.
Take a second to think about what grounds you, who keeps you centered and how you feel when you are living your best life. This conjunction in the sky may open up realizations of limitations (or possibly explosive expansion) when it comes to your relationships and how they connect to your core self. Make sure to express yourself this week and let your inner thoughts and true feelings be heard.
Don’t for get to ease up a bit. Sometimes we can stress the fuck out, just because we are used to being stress, The Sun is still in your life area of Fun and creativity so stick to activities that give you life and fuel that fire in you. The Saturn and Mars Partnership is shining on your house of transformations making this time super special for you as you work through limitations that are known to you consciously. Remain calm, and find the ease and laughter in all things.
Start working towards some of those big dreams of yours. Even if they seem impossible, write them down, hang up some pictures read that book, sign up for the class, get back in the gym, save up some money. This is the week for you to act on your dreams and larger philosophies and integrate them into you day to day life.
The Mars Saturn conjunction is hitting your career area, this can feel a little funky depending on where you’re at in your career – you may be killing it or perhaps dying to get out of that part time job, or really procrastinating on a paper or project. Once you have surpassed any distractions or identified what is holding you back you can really make some progress on whatever ‘career’ means to you.
We are coming up to the last week or so of Aries and with Aries shining on your life area of transformation along with other aspects in the sky this week, you are being aske to look at what you want to bring forward. Who do you want to be this spring? What may you need to change or adjust in order to improve, or be happy? Lessons in your transformation may come up in the form of relationships and dealings with friends, you may feel comfort or drama when it comes to your friendships this week, pay attention as they are the key to change.
The Mars Saturn conjunction will show up in your life in the form of something spiritual or mystical – you may be intrigued by some larger philosophy that you have never thought of before. Nothing is too strange to consider this week. The Sun still shining on your house of dreams and adventure can get you very excited about this, and you are encouraged to look at what may be holding you back.
The Saturn Mars partnership should motivate you to get back to yourself sometime this week. What do you feel you have been missing out on? Have you recognized how amazing you are lately? Because you should. As the Worker of the zodiac some times Capricorns forget to think about themselves, this week you may be given the option to change this and consider where you can bring more you into your life.
Things may be shaking up when it comes to how you think about your self and your WORTH, this may also be reflected in your things of material value. You are showing yourself and others that you are killing it. Mars so close to your sign may give you more energy then you thought possible to pull through certain situations.
Pay attention to how you communicate this week, what words are you using, who are you talking to, are you trying to reach a certain audience or point? Challenges in relaying your point of view are teaching you some mad lessons this week. You may not see it right away but consider what your communication tells you about your limitations, are you holding back?

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