Scorpio energy is at its height this week with the Sun and New Moon on Wednesday in its sign. This...

Scorpio energy is at its height this week with the Sun and New Moon on Wednesday in its sign. This could mean a lot of drama for some people, you might get angry or annoyed out of the blue. Emotions are always a little bit more sensitive at the New Moon but there is a really important reason why with Scorpio. Scorpio is asking you to look at your flaws, your bad habits and mindsets. Are you comfortable with them or do you want to make a change? This week could be your opportunity to do so.

Change is definitely in the stars for all of us this week because, on the same day as the New Moon, Uranus moves back into Aries briefly. This could mean something could come up, an idea or opportunity that you need to grab a hold of before you lose it. You might also be saying no to something like this in order to keep up the good balance you go going. Either way, this Uranus shift back into Aries could bring up big decisions when it comes to the self,  this shift could also bring back things we have been dealing with since 6 months ago (when it was last in Aries)  and help us look at them a new way. Then, Jupiter, the planet of abundance moves into its home sign Sagittarius, bringing a little boost to all of us in some way. Damn, that sounds like a pretty big week, are you ready?


Aries : Aries Rising

Helllooooooo!!! Welcome to the brand new you. Well, you may not feel brand new yet but you are actually entering into a period of some massive transformation! This is so exciting but can also be pretty emotional, you may be dealing with letting go of old ways or the 'old you' and starting to come into your new self, what new role are you taking on? What areas of your life need to transform a little in order for you to fulfill that role? Your ruling planet, Mars is at some interesting aspects this week Aries. As Uranus moves back into Aries it forms a sextile with mars which could make this week open up some opportunities for you. Mars also forms a square aspect with Jupiter, Jupiter is just ending its time in Scorpio so this could mean that you have a lot of opportunities to expand into a new phase of into something really great but you have to put a little work in. You may need to do some self-reflection, or perhaps finish an application, give others the benefit of the doubt, be patient. But it will come if you stay conscious this week.

Taurus : Taurus Rising

This New Moon is bringing some fresh perspective on your love and relationships. There may be an opportunity here to ask for more out of your relationships or business partnerships. With Venus being in retrograde this past month or so you may have been feeling some changes or discomfort since then, what are they? Let someone know! There are less than two weeks left in Venus Retrograde where your sign will be able to feel a bit more comfortable afterward, but for now, try to pay attention to the lessons Venus retrograde might be bringing to you. This could be major relationship lessons r as simple as understanding how you interact with others or what kind of fabric you like to wear most. Embrace your senses this week and try to find comfort in your discomforts.

Gemini : Gemini Rising

Over the past two weeks, Scorpio season has been asking you to look at how you can be more present in your day to day life. What is something in your daily life that feels new and fresh? This could even just be feeling more present and more your self in some way. If this feeling is hard to pinpoint for you, look at some of your habits and make space for a few healthy ones! This New Moon is the start of a six-month journey into a healthier more present routine for you. Mercury, your ruling planet is now in Sagittarius which is a super positive sign to be in when looking to stay present and feel into the good vibes. Pay attention to what makes you feel good and what makes you want to grow.

Cancer : Cancer Rising

Have you been making any time for fun lately? Now, it was just Halloween so you may consider whatever you did that weekend 'fun' but I mean have you make a conscious effort to have fun and feel joy in your day to day or is the stress getting to you? The New Moon in Scorpio is hitting your fifth house which is asking you to loosen up a little, and try to get creative or find that thing that could make your days a little bit more exciting and fun loving in the month ahead.  With the Moon, your ruling planet being nearly opposite to the Uranus transit this week you may notice some new energy (it could come forward as stress or pressure), acknowledge it and find a way to make it work in your favor and keep on the brighter side of things this week.

Leo : Leo Rising

Something is changing in terms of your home and family life, this will be shown over the next few months. This week is the week to start good habits like cleaning your home, checking in with your grandma, telling your parents you're grateful etc. Or else this could mean some drama is going to build up and blow up in your face. This could also be a good time to reconnect with your goals and what you want to focus on this month and the next few months.  These themes of home and goals work nicely together because you need to have a comfortable place to go to after you do your daily hustle. This is the week to sort that out and start a good flow.

Virgo : Virgo Rising

You are entering a whole new realm of self-expression. You may find yourself in a position where you need to take a new approach to communicate with others or getting your point across. This is not a time for your thoughts and opinions to take a back seat, you gotta make yourself be heard! By letting yourself be heard this week you can open up new opportunities for growth and transformation with this Scorpio New Moon. Neptune and Pluto are forming a sextile this week which may make this idea of growth more prominent. Those thoughts you have about how you'd like things to be, your inner knowing and inner teacher just might win out this week.

Libra : Libra Rising

This is a great week to make some financial goals, budget and pay some bills off. You may find your self-concerned about money, the money you take in, use and owe or the money others owe you. This would be a great time to create a fresh start by getting familiar with your finances and get into the habit of paying attention to them. Scorpio energy enhances this message a bit because Scorpio also rules Money in the sense that it is sometimes the thing a lot of us don't like to think or talk about. So if you have bad money habits already this week is gonna ask you to face those bad habits head on. Otherwise, it's a good time to think about what you value and what you may want to use your money on or goals you have that fire up this motivation to make more!

Scorpio : Scorpio Rising

Not only is this a new solar year for you (Happy BDay Scorpios!) but also a new emotional year. Consider the past year and all the new emotions you experience and have learned from. You will never have those emotions again because your past experiences have made you stronger. How do you feel stronger now? How do these past experiences fuel your goals and change your outlook on the year ahead? The day after the New Moon in Scorpio, Jupiter leaves your sign and moves into Sag, this could lighten up the energy a bit for you. When Jupiter was in your sign you may have been to caught up in things to realize the good stuff around you, as it moves into its home zodiac sign you may receive the recognition you deserve or stop viewing some thing as stressful and see it as an opportunity instead. Where are you feeling new this week?

Sagittarius : Sagittarius Rising

This is a great time for you sag, your ruling planet, comes home on Thursday and this brings a lot of good energy to everyone. Since you are ruled by Jupiter you may experience a bit more energy and optimism during this time. Jupiter is the planet of luck and abundance so don't be afraid to go for things this month, Jupiter is on your side. Mercury also enters your sign earlier in the week which may bring up some things in terms of how you are communicating with the people around you, so be wary of how you are speaking and maybe even double check your technology too (Mercury Retrograde is right around the corner!). AS for the New Moon and how it is affecting you, the next New Moon with be in your sign which means that this New Moon signifies the end of an emotional cycle for you. Make goals this month to wrap up any drama, get some closure and clarify how you feel about certain people and upcoming events.

Capricorn : Capricorn Rising

This week brings some focus in on your hopes and dreams, where do you want to go from here? Have you lost sight of some of your biggest desires or have you seen some of them come through already? This is also a good time to reconnect with old friends and feel a little nostalgic. You Capricorns have been going through a time lately, this is because all of the outer planets have been hanging close to your sign while Saturn is directly in Capricorn. This brings up a lot about karma and learning some of those really tough life lessons. If you have noticed that some situation or feeling keeps occurring in your life, its because you haven't learned a lesson yet, you may need to pay more attention, be open to criticism,  or the opinions of others. This week/ month brings in this lesson of listening to others and asking for help when you need it rather than going alone. You may need to open yourself up more to change and the assistance or guidance of others for you to get any change you may seek.

Aquarius : Aquarius Rising

Scorpio Season has brought on a new focus to your work and career life, but could what you need to be working on right now be you? More often than not we through ourselves into work and the latest drama to get away from our own self-development, which is work. By spending a little time working on ourselves we can actually create habits and attitudes that help us excel in the actual workplace too! Where do you see yourself being asked to focus less on work and more on yourself? Mars in your sign is making a lot of connections with other planets pointing towards this work-life vs self-life balance.  This is a good week to take a step back and get yourself sorted out before you launch yourself into new projects or bigger commitments.

Pisces : Pisces Rising

This week could be one of those weeks where you make shit happen and your wildest dreams start to come true. I say this because Pluto in your sign is forming an aspect to Neptune which makes this really great energy of acting on your dreams and inner desire., With Jupiter moving into Sag and that Uranus transit into Aries it is the perfect week to act on some of your crazy ideas! This could show up in planning a trip, marketing your products, writing that article or putting yourself out there in some way.  The New Moon brings a fresh sense of adventure to your life since it highlights your zone of exploration and philosophy (Jupiter's ruling house) which means that you are experiencing a fresh new outlook on where life could take you and may get a little lucky when you go for your dreams this week.