This week is the last full week of the Sun in Libra, as it moves into moody and mysterious Scorpio...

This week is the last full week of the Sun in Libra, as it moves into moody and mysterious Scorpio next Wednesday we are all finishing up a cycle or lesson. Take a look at the past few weeks, what have been some major themes or thoughts going through your head? With Libras ruling sign, Venus also in retrograde we have collectively been learning things about how we give and receive love, and what makes us feel comfortable and prosperous. How are your comfort levels? Do you need to make any changes?


You have had a lot going on when it comes to your love and relationships this month. Venus went retrograde October 5th, putting even more emphasis on this life area. You may be making some big love life changes or taking a leap of faith. The lesson of all this movement (or lack thereof) in your love and relationships is for you to identify where you need to create balance. Are the choices you make beneficial to you too? or is it the right time to make a sacrifice for your partners? Mercury has also moved into Scorpio this week, this brings some new energy to your sex life, but also contributes to a new inking for change and transformation. What are you ready to leap into?


Libra season has brought a lot of focus onto your life areas of health, routine and service. This is the time to consider your life on a more physical, day to day level. Does your routine serve you, do you need to make adjustments in order for you to feel healthy -mentally, physically and spiritually. This is a key stepping stone toward you feeling fulfilled and on track. This week we have a First Quarter Moon in Capricorn which emphasizes this desire to get back on track. Over the past few weeks you may have noticed things about your routine, tried a few new options out, now is the time to put them into practice and regulate them. Make a plan. Taking care of yourself first can help you perform better in all areas of your life and this is your chance to set that straight.


What have the last few weeks opened your eyes to? Over the course of Libra season, you have been asked to tune in with your inner child, let loose a little and tune into that part of you that has fun and get creative. As this astrological season comes to an end, what have you learned? What have you started to think about differently? These new perspectives are there for you to take into the next season to create more balance and structure in your life. Your ruling planet, Mercury is now hitting your 6th house which emphasizes this need to create balance and incorporate new elements to your routine and daily life and you are excited about it! What are these new things on your mind and how can you get creative with them?


While the Sun has been in Libra you have been learning a new lesson in terms of what ground you, how you remain comfortable among the chaos. There may have even been some revelations in home or family life throughout this month as well. This is the perfect week to recognize what you know keeps you stable and focused, and determined to excel, or even what keeps you zen - whatever 'being grounded' means to you right now. You may be feeling a little bit more playful and sexy as Mercury in Scorpio hits your Fifth House of Fun and creativity. This is a great energy to work with but might force you out of your comfort zone in some way in the coming weeks. Being aware of what keeps you grounded (but not restricted) will help with this!


Your communication skills have received a major boost this month Leo. This can come in many forms, from you applying to jobs or reaching out to others for help, to you communicating with your family and partners in a different way. What lessons have you learned through doing so? Have you become more confident, honest, or sociable? You may still need to overcome some kind of communication fear, and really be able to get vulnerable and honest with others, but identifying it is the main step this month. Mercury, the planet of communication is now in Scorpio which may ask you to dig a little deeper to find out what it is that you need to put out there and how you can express the purest form of yourself.


This month has put a huge focus on your values and money zones. Have you, made some sort of investment or,  come up with a better way to save? Focusing in on these life areas can create major change and a lot of movement in terms of your day to day routine. This is the perfect week to set those goals or new routines in stone and begin working towards them due to this being the last week of balancing Libra and the third quarter moon in organized Capricorn. Luck is on your side when it comes to getting comfortable with new changes and shifts in your values and lifestyle.


This is the last full week of the Sun in your sign! This week can always be a little sad because the spotlight is moving away from you, or could be super fulfilling if you have been able to tune into yourself. If you haven't had a chance to treat yourself, spend some time alone and tune in to your needs and desires, this is the week to do so! Mercury, having moved out of your sign and into neighboring Scorpio is now bringing some creative energy to your finance zone. This could bring in the good news of a raise or money opportunity but is also a good time to check in to how you are communicating yourself in terms of your finances. Are you saying "I'm so broke" all the time and just recycling bad money energy or are you able to spend some money on yourself and feel good about the work you do to earn it?


This is a big week for you Scorpio, it's the last week in your solar cycle and you have Venus, Mercury and Jupiter moving through your sign. This is a good time to start looking at what you have been through since last year, what have you grown through and what do you need to release? This week could get a little emotional or heated, especially now with Mercury in your sign. But it is crucial to accept when nostalgia and memories come back to haunt you, its an opportunity to let them go and move forward. Your new solar cycle begins next week but you are currently in a fresh new Mercury cycle, so how you communicate and how you let your creativity shine is also a focus for the next three week. What have you been meaning to put out there? Prepare for it now before Mercury retrogrades Nov. 18th.


This week could be a little emotionally intense for you Sag! Jupiter, your ruling planet is sextile to Pluto, meaning there is an opportunity here for some transformation, especially in life areas concerning friendships, and your dreams. If you have been feeling tension among any of your relationships, why? is it necessary? Is there any toxic energy you need to release within yourself, or even perhaps an unhealthy relationship that you need to distance yourself from? Mercury is hitting your 12th House of endings and mystery which contributes to this idea tat there is some cycle happening here that needs to end, and will in the next few weeks. Tune into yourself, what do you feel needs to come to an end?


I know that the year isn't over yet but man, has our Career zone been hit a lot this year. This past Libra season was no exception but its focus this time around was intended to bring in a bit of balance when it came to your work life. Some crazy events or stress may have occurred but only for you to come down from that experience and reassess how much you can handle or adjust what is needed. It is those adjustments that you will be working on this week and next week. On a more personal level, Mercury is hitting your friendship zone so there is an opportunity here to reconnect with others, and maybe take your mind off of your work life or share your new ideas with.


This week can cause a lot of reaction from you, Mars is in retrograde in your sign, and is square with Venus and Mercury at different times throughout the week. It could be one of those weeks where you feel a little misunderstood and uncomfortable. The fact that Mars, the planet of action is in retrograde while at aspects with other planets, wanting you to act can clash and create a lot of confusion and stagnancy. Take it one day at a time this week Aquarius and do what you can, try and keep a level head and not over react or spring into anger when the confusion hits you. As Libra season ends you are closing a lesson of new philosophies and big dreams. What has happened this month that has made you feel good, light, and like you are growing? Hold on to those things, may e even use those new passions to drive you out of what ever discomfort the Venus and Mercury squares bring this week.


The Sun in Libra has been asking you to dive into your own personal transformation this month. How is that going? It can be a little tough to recognize where you need change, it may seem more material at first u could often be a simple change of mindset and perception. On another level, Libra season may have also asked you to re-evaluate your sex life and how you connect to others and find balance within that experience. This week, with the influence of Libra slowly fading away and Mercury hitting your Ninth house you may be ready to take these things you have noticed in regards to your sex life and personal development and make them bigger. Start making changes and working towards those true pleasures and dream goals.


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