We are now entering the first week of October, the second week of Libra Season and the third week of...

We are now entering the first week of October, the second week of Libra Season and the third week of Fall! If you have been reluctant to accept that Fall is now here, this is the week to just give in. Get cozy, toasty and comfortable and enjoy this brand new season and what it brings to you!

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The Sun and Mercury are opposite to your sign Aries, this suggests an imbalance between your attention to yourself and to your relationships and love life. Now would be the perfect week to talk through any arguments, set your boundaries or just say I love you. Your ruling planet, Mars is Square to Uranus which brings some tension and confusion regarding how to act and work towards a better future. Early in the week, you may be called to spend some time with yourself think about how you can be present as an individual.


Uranus in Retrograde is balancing between your signs and Aries, this suggests that there is an underlying energy of some big life changes for you. This could mean a change of mindset, a change in location, career etc. something big is on the horizon for you. You are doing your best by sticking to your routine but, could your routine be what is calling you to change? Mercury is also highlighting your routine and health, suggesting that some message regarding your daily life is coming up soon, or perhaps there is some part of your health and routine that you need to be clear on. Are you Spending too much $ at Starbucks? Is not getting enough sleep starting to affect your work? This week may be uncomfortable overall but something is telling you to wake up and make a change.


The Third Quarter Moon occurs close to your sign on Tuesday which asks you to turn inward and self reflect. this self-reflection will prompts some major eye-opening moments and mindset shifts in the weeks to come so, pay attention to whatever comes up surrounding thoughts about yourself and your relationships. This is particularly strong this week as it is the last Full week that Mercury is in Libra, which brings up the perfect time to communicate clearly and fairly, even with ourselves.


This week brings a lot of easy going comfortable energy to you as the Third Quarter Moon on Tuesday enters your sign. This energy brings focus on to your home and family life. If any conflicts or tensions come up they are important to pay attention to as you are undergoing some lesson that has to do with your stability and core values. This lesson may be to speak up or make a change, or perhaps to reconnect to that sense of comfort and love your home and family bring. How can you reconnect to your foundation? What grounds you?


As Mercury completes its time in Libra, over the next week you will be challenged to communicate yourself properly, this is because both the Sun (your ruling planet) and Mercury are hitting your life area of communication. This could mean a lot of writing, preparation, thinking about what you want to say and how to communicate it effectively. There is a lot of energy here, and the biggest struggle Leo's may have is finding the time to sit still to work through all of the thoughts, intentions and creative desires. It is important for you to remember this week to trust the process, trust yourself and that whatever creative, emotional or professional communications you put out this week are what needs to be heard or is coming from a place of your truth.


This week brings in some consideration to your friendships and social life Virgo. Which relationships contribute to your sense of value? are you relying on a relationship too much? or perhaps reluctant to ask for support? The third quarter moon energy this week is the best time to turn inward and reflect on these things and how your relationships can really touch other areas of your life.  This weekend the Moon enters your sign and forms a sextile to Venus which suggests this is a good time to shake it up romantically and put your self out there! you got Venus on your side!


there is A LOT going on with your sign this week Libra! The Sun and Mercury are hanging out together while creating semisextiles with Venus and Jupiter. This means that there is a fair amount of luck on your side this week if you play your cards right. Pay attention to where you may need to create balance, and think fairly but overall whatever it is you may want to do this week will be met with success. The Moon in your 10th house on Tuesday is at a position which asks you to reflect on your career and work life, this may mean considering a change, or finding balance with a hard to deal with co-worker, maybe even just being grateful for where you are!


Venus and Jupiter and in your sign and connecting with the Sun and Mercury in Libra. This means that there could be a lot of focus on yourself this week when it comes to what makes you comfortable, feel good, your happiness and ability to share with others. These energies seem pretty nice but can be exhausting. It reminds me of coming clean to your mom about some drama you caused and then she comes in to fix it all to make you feel better. This time you are the mom and the fixer, you have it all figured out; this week you are completing those tasks in order for you to feel that comfort and ease you are hoping for.


This week is asking you to trust in your transformation Sag. You may be going through a period of stillness, and as a Sag you hate feeling stuck. This week ask you to trust the process. Living in the moment is the way to those big dreams you got. Your ruling planter is inching closer and closer to your sign which means that whatever tension you are feeling is all part of some lesson that you need to look out for so you can reap its rewards next month. Pay attention this week.


The Third Quarter Moon energy will get you reflecting on your love life and relationships this week Capricorn. This is a good week to trust in your significant other, trust that it will all work out, to do something to find that balance in your love life. Whatever it is, the moon is asking you to actually think about your love life and how it's affecting you emotionally rather than avoiding the topic. Saturn in your sing forming a sextile with Venus reinforces this theme of love, relationships and connections and offers you even more opportunity to clear things up, or start something new when it comes to this life area!


This is a good week to reconsider your routine, Aquarius. Do you need to set regular time aside for your creative pursuits or self-care? Have you been overdoing a certain health routine or hobby? Your ruling planet, Neptune is forming a semisextile to Pluto which is now Direct,  this suggests that you are ready to take on some sort of change and transformation, this is the very beginning of embodying that change and stepping closer to your truth. What change are you feeling Aquarius?


There is some contrasting energy for you this week Pisces, you are being pushed towards some larger changes. This means you may have more items to do on your checklist, which can make you feel like you are getting absolutely nowhere! This is all part of the process. The Third Quarter Moon on Tuesday is asking you to tune into the part of you that makes everything fun. This is where the contrast comes in we are so used to seeing tedious tasks as stressful that we often don't pay attention to how they will benefit us in the long run. Try to make the best out of every situation you face this week, maybe even unlock some playfulness in your daily grind. You are about to get what you have been working towards!