We have a huge shift in energy this week for a few reasons, Ci3 fam. This Wednesday the Sun leaves...

We have a huge shift in energy this week for a few reasons, Ci3 fam. This Wednesday the Sun leaves harmonious, comforting Libra and enters the passionate energy of Scorpio. On the same day, we have a Full Moon in Taurus which will be sure to open our eyes up to where we need to create structure and set some boundaries in our lives. Over the weekend, The Sun and Venus are almost directly aligned, naturally, this can shine a light on some romantic issues or opportunities. On the same day, both of these planets form a sextile to Pluto which means there is some subtle work going on in terms of your true path and spiritual nature.


The Sun in Scorpio marks a certain point in your solar year where you have gathered enough insight, and are ready to put it into action. You are ready to transform. Transformation is what Scorpio is all about which makes it the perfect month for you to dig deep into your wounds and heal, work through some emotions you may have been holding back. As well as leap into some more transformative processes like accepting that new job, going on that date, or starting your own spiritual practice! The Full Moon may bring some drama to your financial situation this week, you may be making more financially smart choices and investment or changes over the next month -six months, your reason for that will stem from something that occurs this week.


The seductive, secretive energy of Scorpio is highlighting your life area of love and relationships this month, Taurus. This could mean a lot of things, you may be diving into the deeper meaning of your relationships, you may be working to transform these relationships into something stronger, or perhaps transform out of the toxic habits of your relationships. The Full Moon is in our house this week which suggests you may have a revelation when it comes to how you want to be treated and how you want to treat others. How have you been acting in your relationship and how have they been defining you? What may you need to change?


With Scorpio season you are learning a new lesson of how to be more present in your day to day life. There is also the message of coming back to this place of caring for others and genuinely acting out of love. By paying attention to small details and caring for those around you, caring for their emotional needs, and giving charitably will help lead you to this lesson of living in the moment and living in tandem with the souls around you. The Full Moon in Taurus on Wednesday is a culmination of some sort of deeper emotional lesson coming forward. This week you may be dealing with endings or preparing to move into some sort of new phase in terms of your emotional journey.


The Scorpio Sun is shedding light on your perception of fun and how you handle your creativity. Over the next few weeks, you may go through a journey with how you connect to feeling light and carefree, opening up this space in you that is able to feel happy without worry of being judged or thinking about other obligations. The beginning of this lesson is kicked off with the Full Moon livening up your friendships perhaps, making you more social or reconnecting you with past hopes and dreams. This is an opportunity to see those parts of your life that you don't have to take so seriously and just enjoy them.


The Sun has reached a quarter checkpoint into your current solar year, this could make any changes and adjustments come a lot easier to you. This is perfect energy to work with as the Sun is in Scorpio because Scorpio rules the Astrological House of Transformation and change. The next few weeks will ask you to reset your foundations; get clear with what is most important to you, what are you working towards, what is setting your emotional tone? This is a time to pay attention to what works and what doesn't an get ready to get rid of the extra shit before Scorpio season runs out. The Full Moon brings a high point to your career zone, perhaps new opportunities or at least the drive to change things up.


Hey Virgo, these next few weeks are going to be all about communication, how are you expressing yourself to others and are you listening to others? This is really important considering some of the bigger financial adjustment or investments you made over the past month, which may have changed the relationship you have with those around you. The Full Moon, which happens at the same time the Sun moves into Scorpio hits your 9th house which represents the life areas of travel, philosophy, and education. This could mean that something occurs this week asking you to learn more and ask more questions in order for you know the right stuff or expand your horizons.


The Sun is officially out of your sign on Wednesday which could leave some bittersweet energy over the course of the week as you may still need to finish up some of your new goals or connect to your personal identity after your solar return. As we dive deeper into Scorpio season you are going to look closer at your financial matters and to your values. When looking at your value system this could mean how you value your time, relationships, job, or material items. This is an important energy to work with and is perfect because Venus retrogrades into your sign shortly, emphasizing all of these thoughts.


This is a BIG month for you, and probably a big year! This week we have the Sun and Venus in your sign, almost on the exact degree, as well as Jupiter and Mercury in Scorpio, linking arms over the weekend. This is a lot of energy to work with and can be focused on a lot of areas, your personal identity, the way you communicate, your love life, and your relationship to success. They are all connected, and your lesson this week is to understand how; get clear with how you relate to all the drama that is coming up and how you can use it to your advantage of becoming more authentically you. The emphasis on relationship stuff is magnified two-fold because Venus is in retrograde and the full moon on Wednesday is hitting your House of love and relationships. This is a good time to consider if there is enough give and take within your relationships and if you need to set boundaries or create more stability within them.


Scorpio season always comes at the most perfect time for you Sag, these next few weeks are going hopefully tie up some loose ends you have from over the past year. The Sun is hitting your 12th house of endings, death, and nostalgia which means you may be reflecting more on the past and be more inclined to find closure on some issues. You are also preparing to start a whole new phase of your life, a whole new lap around the Sun is coming soon and your soul wants to do it right. This is the grace period where you are able to make mistakes again, and kinda learn from them, as well as tie up all those loose ends. The Moon is hitting on your 6th house which means you may have an underlying need to create a bit more balance, you want to get back on track with something, this could be your health, your relationships with others or general routine. This is a good month for some trial and error exercises of what works for you and what you want to bring into the next year.


You might actually catch a break soon Capricorn. Scorpio season ushers in a time for you to reconnect with some of your dreams and larger goals. The Full Moon is in your Fifth house which asks you to take a harder look at where you may be overreacting when it comes to your stresses is there an opportunity for you to lighten up or see the best in things? The Saturn, Venus, Sun Sextile occurring over the weekend helps make the energy a little lighter. Mars, Your Ruling Sign is exactly aligned with Pluto over the weekend as well, this could open up some opportunity for you to zen out a bit and catch a breath before heading back to your grind. Work to harmonize your actions with your greater purpose, release your stresses in faith that you know what to do next.


The next few weeks bring in a fresh focus on your work and career life, Aquarius. What do you want to see happen when it comes to your career? Plant the seeds now, make a few minor changes and you could see some huge growth over the next 1-6 months. This may not be the best time to just go ahead and grab something but rather, set your goals and get things in order for you to comfortably achieve it. You may also have matters to attend to on the home front that keep you from leaping into the new career driven energy you have going on.


The Sun in Scorpio is giving you this renewed energy in your pursuit of knowledge and exploration. You may feel like booking a trip, enrolling in new courses, or self-educating yourself on something that peaks your interest. This is really exciting expansive energy and with the Sun/Venus/Saturn sextile going on this is a really fruitful time to dive into things that could benefit your well being and future. The Full Moon highlights how you have been speaking to others, speaking to yourself. Which makes this week also a good time to check in with how you have been communicating, have you been harsh or judgmental for no reason or have you been withholding a lot of information that needs to come out?