This is the last week of the Sun in sweet, organized Virgo, meaning there may be a bit of a...

This is the last week of the Sun in sweet, organized Virgo, meaning there may be a bit of a scramble to get your sh*t together. You won't feel totally balanced yet but you're getting there, with the Full Moon later this week in Aries this week and the Sun and Mercury transitioning into Libra, everyone will be experiencing more comfort and ease shortly.


Getting a routine, a sense of balance, and healthy habits is a focus for you this week, Aries. What habits have you started this month that encourage a healthy, balanced routine? If you haven't started any yet, now is the time to try some out. You may also be thinking about ways to give back and help others as a form of creating balance in your life rather than being more private and secluded as you may have been lately. How can you reach out? How can you enrich the lives of others?


Virgo season brought a nice resting time for you Taurus; creating space to have some fun, let go and gain new perspectives. As Virgo season ends you may be facing getting back to reality, or even having to take a situation more seriously this week. Your Ruling plant is directly opposite to your sign which reinforces this discomfort as well. We have a tendency to take a situation and focus on the negative, your challenge this week will be to keep your perspective on the brighter side of things.  Try not to get overwhelmed and try to take that light energy into Libra Season next week!


The past few weeks have been shifting some foundational beliefs of your Gemini. What have you learned? What have you been hoping to change? This is a good week to focus on your home life, get cozy and ready or the fall weather (buying Pumpkin Spice and Fire scented candles comes to mind). This is important because the next little bit of the year will be less focused on your home life as you launch into some deeper personal growth. Mercury, your ruling planet is shifting into Libra, this will create some harmony in areas of communication and love and relationships, it is the perfect time to clear up any misunderstandings or arguments.


Some big shift in terms of communicating and expressing yourself may have happened over the past few weeks and you are still coming down from that high (or perhaps anxiety) of putting yourself out there. As the moon approaches full later this week you are getting ready to take some action, the thing is you may feel like you're waiting for something to happen or tell you to go ahead - your not sure if this is the right time. There is a bit of a restless energy here as you have the ambition but are unsure of where to direct it. You should get these answers later with the Full moon next Monday showing up in your Career Zone. You could always get a head start on that energy and write up those resumes, apply for that job, or focus on your academic growth while you wait.


It time to tie up some loose ends when it comes to your budget and finances. Do you have a plan yet? Do you have a clear budget? Set these things in motion this week and they will support you the rest of the year. Venus moving through Scorpio makes you a bit more cautious and skeptical of your personal relationships and sharing information about things like your plans and finances. With Mercury moving into Libra at the end of the week your communications get an upgrade as you are able to express yourself more clearly and any rough patches will get smoothed over through your charisma and lovable touch.


It is the last week of the Sun in your sign which brings up the energy of needing to have some sort of plan fo your next solar year. Plans are always nice and helpful but remember to treat yourself this week and remember to feel good! It is in your nature to focus on routine, taking care of others and being super practical. The Sun in your sign enforces those traits but also encourages self-love and self-indulgence. So if you haven't had the change to indulge in yourself a little, this week is a perfect time!


You are about to begin a brand new cycle, a brand new solar year! This could bring a little unease or sadness this week as you feel frustrated with whatever transition you are going through, you may feel undeserving or like your not in the right place. This is normal when you are facing the end of a cycle and the feeling should ease up over the next few weeks. Mercury moves into your sign on Sunday, this transit happing just as the sun moves into your sign is super special and gives you the opportunity to express yourself in a better way, or perhaps even a chance to redefine yourself.


Virgo season has shed some light on friendships and what kind of energy you need to bring into your life. Hopefully, this month has shown you what you want in terms of friendships and possibly revealed some new relationships and opportunities connect with others. Be clear with what energy you want to attract and distinguish between who you want to let into your life more intimately and those that you just want to work with professionally, when the lines get blurred you can create some awkward situations.


The past few weeks have had you reflecting on your public image and career A LOT. The first quarter moon in your sign this past Saturday may have sparked some motivation to put some new ideas into action. This intense motivation to put yourself out there and climb the corporate ladder is about to wind down so use the last little bit of this focused energy to push forward, apply for that job, crush that interviewer, reach out to that client, or post more content on your social media! This is the time to show yourself off.


You may have had a personal breakthrough or new discovery over the past month that has really shaken you up and changed your perception for the better. Whatever it made you want to learn a little bit more and experience something new. This is the time to develop your new skill, or study your new passion and get the ball rolling with where you want it to take you! Venus is Sextile to Saturn in your Sign which means that the opportunities are meant to be and are major karmic life lessons. You should be able to find some ease and comfort this week with this new found passion or life outlook.


You are easing into the final stages of some big changes this week. Hopefully, you will be feeling a little bit more comfortable and easygoing. With the Moon Conjunct to Mars in your sign midweek, you may act emotionally before thinking things through. This is just a reminder to check in with your emotions feel them and accept all the shifts that have been happening for you over the past few weeks with the sun in Virgo. Overall this week can be a little emotional, but stats to get more optimistic as the sun transitions into Libra.


Any issues, drama or misunderstandings in your love life or major partnerships have been a huge focus this month for you. This week is the final week with the sun focusing in on this life area which means it is the perfect time to get clear with those major relationships in your life and ask for what you want or get clear with your intentions, feelings, and expectations. This sets you up for less drama and confusion in the future. As the Moon enters Pisces toward the end of the week things can get a little emotional, try to remember that everything that happens is for a reason.