The Sun entered the luxurious comfort of Libra over the weekend making this the first week in a brand new...

The Sun entered the luxurious comfort of Libra over the weekend making this the first week in a brand new cycle or all of us. The more I study the zodiac sign of Libra the more I love it. One thing about Libra is that it brings us a sense of luxury, we may find our selves drawn to things that make us feel good, cozy and comfortable. Libra is also about balance and justice, making sure everyone is treated fairly and is looked after. So while it could be said that Libra enjoys some selfish comforts, they still have the need to make sure everyone else is looked after as well. This is the challenge this month, to make sure we balance our self-love and attention to others and don't sway too far to one end of that Libra spectrum.


The Full Moon occurs in Aries on Monday, this means that you could have a big revelation when it comes to your self and personal identity. This new self-discovery may be as simple as wanting to cut your hair to realizing you have been too harsh on others when communicating. Whatever it was that showed up in your life may cause a shift in your love life and relationships, which is the life area the Sun in Libra is bringing a new cycle to. This week is a good week to consider where it is that your thoughts about yourself have been playing into your major relationships (romantic, professional, home life) and how you are being asked to adjust them.


Libra season is bringing a fresh perspective on your health and routine. This is a really great energy since we just came out of Virgo season which demands focus in this area. What do you feel that you need to do; create a new routine? Start a new healthy habit? Now is the time to get strict with it and develop a game plan. This month may also ask you to balance that new routine you need with your need to care for others and create stability for those you care about. This means the lesson for Libra is super strong here where the next few weeks will challenge you to balance your focus on your self with your focus on others.


This month is all about bringing in new perspectives for you, Gemini. The Sun is hitting up your fifth house which is known as the house of Fun and Creativity. I also think of it as the house of New perspectives because when your fifth house is being hit there is an opportunity for you to take a break from your usual way of life and have some fun! This could mean taking a few days off, reconnecting to some of your creative passions, or even simply looking at a situation with a more optimistic perspective. You have the whole month to experience this so don't worry if this week seems to be a little overwhelming. Your ruling planet, Mercury is now in Libra as well making this month really important for you when it comes to communicating fairly with others.


This month is all about reconnecting with you and your home, the Libra Sun is shining on your ruling house which makes this the perfect time to reset your foundations. The Full Moon on Monday may bring some emotions up which will lead you to hermit out for a while and maybe stay in. It's important for you to give yourself that timeout every once in a while. A major theme this month is going to be your actual home and family life, sometimes this can also mean your roommates! Keep an eye out for how you may need to spend time working on those relationships or household duties.


You walk the walk but can you talk the talk, Leo. These next few weeks are going to be all about your communication and how you express yourself. Major lessons about expressing yourself and your emotions are bound to come up. As a Leo myself, I can sense there is a need to communicate your boundaries this month especially when it comes to relationships or even your work schedule. This month is also going to be huge when it comes to putting yourself out there, which isn't too hard for Leos to do but you may be presenting yourself in a way you aren't used to or need to ask for some help. Mercury, the planet of communication mingles with Venus and Jupiter towards the weekend making communication a lot easier later in the week. so it may be best to save those big talks, emails, and project launches until then.


The Sun has just moved out of your sign and into neighbouring Libra. This means that there is a renewed focus on your Money and Values this month. This is a good time for you to create a budget plan if you don't have one in place or if you have already been saving to get that new investment or purchase going! This month may be a little bit more private for you, working on yourself in the shadows and hustling a bit harder to save. The Full Moon in Aries on Monday reinforces this focus on money, debts, and secrecy.


Welcome to a whole new solar cycle for you!! This month is going to be all about refocusing on you, your style, personality and life goals! This is a huge opportunity for you to redefine yourself or at least get a boost in moral when it comes to taking on this new year! Mercury is in our sign which helps you rediscover how you want to come across to others and where you may need to express yourself differently. Your Ruling planet, Venus is in your neighbour sign, Scorpio and hits a square position to Saturn. This means that there is some greater lesson being revealed to you this week involving your relationships, perception of love, and comfort. This could also mean karma coming up in your life, whether that is someone else getting what they deserve after what they have done to you or the other way around, try to stay positive and acknowledge the lesson.


You can expect to have a lot going on over the next few weeks Scorpio, especially emotionally. The Sun is hitting your 12th house of endings, nostalgia, and spirituality. This means that you could be dealing with an alto of stuff internally, trying to figure out how you want to deal with certain emotional situations. The discomfort you experience this month is only there to help you accept the brand new phase you re meant for when the sun enters your sign in four weeks! With all this emotional stuff coming up the Full Moon on Monday may bring some added tension to your life reminding you to take it easy on yourself! Take time to reflect, practice self-care and escape a little bit this week!


The past month has brought a bit more serious energy to your work life and public image, this is balanced out by the energy of Libra focusing on your dreams and friendships! This is a great time to reach out to those who support your vision for your life and share your plans with them, especially over the weekend when Mercury is sextile to your ruling Jupiter. Additionally, this Full Moon is asking you to reflect on where you may have been taking life a little too seriously and consider where you can let it some more optimism and fun this week!



The Sun is shining on your ruling house of career and public image. This means that there is a new cycle here when it comes to your work life! This is a really great energy to work with during Libra season because it brings a sense of balance and comfort to this life area making sure everything is looked after in a sensible way and is not to exhausting. Think, working from home or getting into a routine coffee run before work - balancing  luxury and comfort with productivity. The Full Moon hitting your house of foundations may cause some imbalance between your usually mentality to work work work and the desire to be comfortable at home. Try your best to stay focused and go wherever you feel most comfortable.



The Sun in Libra offers a huge wave of release after Virgo season for you. The past month was tough and brought you through a lot of transformation, this month brings you back to the optimistic side of yourself, hopeful for new adventures and willing to learn a bit more. Mercury being in conjunct to Mars in your sign may make you feel a little sluggish when it comes to communicating at the beginning of the week, but as the week moves on and throughout the month you will find that communicating will come a lot easier to you, you are learning a few lessons in terms of self expression, and working with others.


This Libra season brings a lot of focus on your house of Sex, Money and Transformation. This can mean so many things but ultimately, there is some major change and mindset shift unlocking for you this month. This can show up more so in the material world at first through dealing with our intimate relationships and money relations. The key over the next few weeks is to consider what situations come up that really have a meaning for your own personal transformation, situations that could be asking you to shift your values and life goals.