It looks like this is going to be one fantastic week guys! Not only do we have a major planet...

It looks like this is going to be one fantastic week guys! Not only do we have a major planet going direct after months of retrograde energy, we also have a New Moon in Virgo helping us all feel productive and start fresh.  This is perfect for getting back to school, starting that new degree, job, or just getting back to the grind after a cozy summer. If you want to hear more about the upcoming New Moon check out my Instagram where I'll give you all the deets, but for now, read on!

Aries : Aries Rising 

The Sun and Moon are bringing a lot of focus into your daily routine this week. You may need to change your patterns or add a healthy habit or two. The New Moon in Virgo closer to the weekend asks you to consider how you can be of service to others. This may be an overwhelming thought at first but it's important to remember that we can raise the vibration of the universe, help others, or have the energy to help others simply by taking care of your self first.

Taurus : Taurus Rising 

Saturn, the planet of expansion goes direct this week which can mean good vibes all around. This could be especially for you because of your sign in one of the main points of a Grand Trine between Mercury, Saturn, and Uranus. There is a lot of good growth and energy here, this is a great time to make positive changes, with some effort this week you can achieve some of those goals or resolve any issues you have been dealing with. The Full Moon in your fifth house supports this feel-good energy reminding you to make the best of every situation and look at the world with childlike eyes the world is your oyster.

Gemini : Gemini Rising

Mercury enters Virgo on the 6th which offers you a bit more ease when it comes to expressing yourself and communicating this week. With Saturn and Mars both direct this week as well you should have no major issues when it comes to being productive. Use this energy in the most positive way possible. The New Moon hits up your life area of home and foundations, so after a busy week out and about you may want to cozy up at home over the weekend and get your affairs back in order.

Cancer : Cancer Rising 

This week may seem a bit intense for you because there is A LOT happening nearly opposite to your sign. This can make you feel like there is something you need to do or something missing but you don't know what. The key here is to go with the flow this week and accept what comes to you. With Saturn moving Direct you may feel more outgoing and confident, or you may need to stay at home! The moon begins a whole new cycle on Saturday which means this is a good time to think about what new cycle you are starting, do you need to embrace that Saturn Direct energy and be outgoing and focused or perhaps a little softer with yourself?

Leo : Leo Rising

This week marks one month since the New Moon Eclipse in your sign, which makes it a good time to check in on that new journey you've started. You could be focused a bit more on financial matters and the material aspects of your goals and dreams. Ask your self, in the long run, is money the most important thing? This month is a great 'test month' for whatever ideas you have brewing. Mercury moves out of your sign creating a little relief where there may have bee pressure to perform before.

Virgo : Virgo Rising

There is some really cool energy going on for you this week! Mercury, the planet of communication and creativity moves into your sign Wednesday, creating a trine with Saturn the planet of expansion, which turned direct on Thursday! This means some good luck and opportunity can be expected in areas of your creativity, perhaps because of how well you are communicating and expressing yourself. The New Moon is in your sign as well which means this is a huge opportunity to make new goals and wishes for what you can accomplish this year!

Libra : Libra Rising 

This is the beginning of the end of an emotional cycle for you. Over the next four weeks, you may be reflecting more on the past, on how you have changed and grown throughout the past year. This energy can be hard to work with and may feel a little depressing but it is important to pay attention to because you're being asked to choose your next step. Venus is finishing up its time in your sign as well so enjoy any luxuries and comforts while you can. This energy is kinda like the last few days of cacation before heading back to the real world. The trick here is to take those comfortable mindsets and easy going attitudes into the next phase of your life even if Venus isn't hanging close by.

Scorpio : Scorpio Rising 

There is a lot of positive energy here for you Scorpio, although it is a busy positive energy so be careful not to burn yourself out this week! The Sun and Moon in Virgo bring a lot of focus to your friendships, so may have a few more hangouts planned than usual. This planetary energy is also hitting on your dream zone, so things you want to achieve and places you want to go might be a bit more of a focus this week as well! With the Grand Trine going on in the sky the energy is sure to be positive and productive!

Saggitarius : Saggitarius Rising 

the double Virgo energy this week brings a new focus on your career zone, whether you are starting school, a new job or looking to get a new job this month, and especially this week is the time to make some progress! Those getting back into schools set a routine that is doable, don't overdo it. On the hunt for a job or a promotion? This week specifically their is energy here to create positive change if you go for it. Update your resume, apply, call people whatever it is to up your career game is sure to help you, in the long run, this week. With Jupiter and Saturn (the planets of luck and growth) both direct, there is more opportunity opening up to you.

Capricorn : Capricorn Rising

We got some big movement hereCapricornn, Saturn turns direct in your sign on Wednesday. This is HUGE especially because I feel like Capricorns have been a little down on themselves since Saturn has been in retrograde so this should mean your spirits are gonna rise soon. Saturn is the planet of abundance and karma, so you may see some things balance out in your favor this week, and in the weeks to come. Your sign is one of the main points in a Grand Trine in the sky right now which is extremely powerful energy to harness positive change in your life and a new mindset or way of communicating.

Aquarius : Aquarius Rising 

Your ruling planet, Uranus completes a Grand with wiht Saturn and Mercury bringing a huge wave of positive change your way. This can be intimidating at first you may need to make some adjustments but its all creating room for new growth. This is reinforced by the New Moon in Virgo on Saturday highlighting your life area of Transformation, so now would be a great time to make any changed. The Moon is also highlighting areas of Sexx and Money so if there is any new adventures to pursue there, go for it!

Pisces : Pisces Rising

You may be feeling a lot with Saturn moving direct and inching closer toward your sign. Where would you like this transformative energy to take you? This week highlights your love and relationships, the New Moon offers the opportunity to look at your love life with fresh eyes. After the intensity of the Full Moon in your Sign two weeks ago this is the perfect opportunity to make some wishes based off of where you want to be and see them come true over the next few months.