Fun surprises and intense feelings are bound to happen this week as Venus moved into Gemini on Wednesday and we...
Fun surprises and intense feelings are bound to happen this week as Venus moved into Gemini on Wednesday and we are influenced by the passionate energy of the Scorpio Full Moon on Saturday. Venus in Gemini brings a heightened sense of play and curiosity to many life areas, depending on your sign this can help lighten the mood of the Full Moon or perhaps enhance its drama.
The Sun is still beginning to move through your sign which may bring some revelations and new opportunities to you this week. With Venus just moving out of Taurus you may need a hot second to readjust in areas of love or communication. The Full Moon shining on your house of relationships enhances this over the weekend where things may need to be sorted out for good, or a plan put into action.
Venus is setting up shop in your home and oh this is a fun place to be. You may be getting more excitable or invested in areas of love and relationships - or perhaps just with whatever makes you feel good. Keep up this energy by integrating these things you love in to your day to day. You may be asked to start up a new project or way of living that really interests you as well, make sure you get a chance to think it over
You may be more talkative than usual these days, Cancer. Venus is in Gemini and not too far away from you which may open up some inquisitive behavior. This could also manifest in having your nose stuck in some books this week or catching up on news or information of some sort on your end. What are you Curious about theses days?
Set your energy straight this week Leo, you may be going through a deep reworking of your foundations and rather than being stressed or worried you should get excited! New experiences fuel your growth and you may just need a reminder of that. Either way, you can expect a climax of energy on the home-front as the Sun and Full Moon are both shining on this life area for you this week. Rework what is needed, stay positive.
You are being asked to rethink or rework what makes you tick, what excites you and gives you energy. The Venus transit in Gemini is perfect for this as it fires up our curiosity and makes us really want to experience new things. What do you want to experience, Virgo?
Alrighty Libra, Things are starting to get back in balance for you, and if they haven't yet they will be. This month there is a big focus on your daily life and health which this Venus transit may lead you to some new discoveries of what works for you and how you want to live. The Full Moon in Scorpio brings an intensity to these daily practices where you really gotta figure out if they align with your values or not.
Woah baby, we got a Full Moon in the House. This week may be emotionally intense for you, the Moon itself represents our emotions and in Scorpio one of the most intense signs you can definitely expect some irrational drama and exciting revelations about yourself and your world. Beware of getting too emotional too quickly, think through things and take some deep breath before you get angry or sad. This is more than likely going to be connected to your love and relationships - this is where the Sun is for you for the next few weeks so there can be a totally new phase in that life area starting to grow.
This is a big week for you Sag, one with subtle changed that when you look back you will see how it was all part of some bigger picture. This Taurus season alone offers some amazing transformation for you but the Full Moon on Saturday is in your 12th House - the life area ruling over the unknown. This really represents the end of a cycle, particularly an emotional cycle which you have learnt from and are better now for having gone through that. How are you growing emotionally this week, Sag?
Issues with friendships are likely going to come up this week - if a friend keeps causing you drama now is time to let go. On the other hand, if you cant think of what could possibly come up with your friends this week then this is time to celebrate them! Celebrate your friendships and all that your crew has got to offer - even if they are a lil dramatic or perhaps distant friends those people who stick by you and help you grow are super important and it all something to be happy for.
Ouu, some major energy around your career this week Aquarius. The Sun and Full Moon and bringing about a shift in energy to your work life. There could be a climax, either quitting your job or changing something or perhaps a time of acceptance where you are finally able to move on and make new plans for your future this week. Venus in Mercury should be helping you look on the brighter side of things.
Dream big this week Pisces. The Venus in Mercury may get you feeling curious about some big picture dreams, especially this weekend so why not look into them or set some goals around whatever it is that catches your mind this week? On a more basic note Taurus season seems to be about friendships for you, adjusting, perhaps reconnecting with some friends over the next few weeks.
This week might be a struggle for you, only because you may need to pay a lot of attention to what going on internally and emotionally. Which, as an Aries you may not be used to, since you like to be super sure of your self and take action as soon as you can. You are about to complete on cycle and embark and an new cycle of transformation so some time to re-coup/prepare is totally perfect and called for this week! If things come up to frustrate you this week it is the universes' way of reminding you to slow down and take some time for yourself.
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