How did you do last week with that Full Moon Energy? Did you relish in it or were you caught...
How did you do last week with that Full Moon Energy? Did you relish in it or were you caught up in the chaos? Either way, I hope you all are feeling the new energy it brought in - like finally having nice weather things may seem a little more clear to us, happier days are finally within our grasp.
This weekend is a good time to get away and escape the worries of your daily grind. Whether that be staying in and having time to your self or planning some kind of dream adventure with your friends now is a good time to get a little worry-free. The rest of the week holds a balance that seems perfect for you Taurus. The energy shifts seamlessly from work focus (aka. Getting your affairs in order after those tax returns are in, or securing that summer job) to social expansion (aka. Finally getting together with that friend you haven’t seen in months or making a new connection). Make sure to find your balance between work and play this week and magic is bound to happen.
You may be called to do some inner work this week and deal with issues where your values collide with another's (aka. Paying off a loan or getting a little more emotional with your SO). Acknowledge your feelings on whatever comes up and see how everything is working out in its own way. The moon in your 9th house on Monday may shake up some of your perspectives having you reflect on your next steps and how to upgrade your life.
Your relationships are a huge focus for you this month, Cancer! Why do you think this is? Even if you are single, when the planets keep hitting up your 7th house like this it’s a sign that there is some work to be done and major transformation going on. Its also important to remember that our relationships reflect our relationship with ourselves so consider if you need to give yourself some more love this week! This week offers potent energy for transformation around this area as well as the moon moves through your love zone into your house of expansion. How do you want to grow in areas of love and self-care?
Some things are changing in your daily life and routine, you may find that there is more of a focus on how you can be there for others rather than sticking to your routine this weekend. Showing up for others in unexpected ways can prove beneficial in your relationships, leading to a whole new cycle in your life. By next Wednesday things may seem a little different energy-wise so make sure to give yourself time to readjust after the weekend.
Enjoy yourself this weekend, get a little creative or get a little wild. The Sun and Moon are lining up in your fifth house on Friday, this suggests a lesson on how you perceive things and how you create time for yourself to enjoy life. Think back to a few weeks ago and see if any event or thought process has been turned around or come full circle. This lesson will change up your daily thinking for the better and lead to a more balanced life.
There could be a turning point in your family or home dealings this week. Something in your astrology right now is telling me that this weekend is prime for staying in, getting cozy and lazy while at the same time getting ready for a big week ahead (Ex. Binge watching The Office while meal prepping, doing at home workouts and paying your bills.). But there is also a kind of warning as well because something to do with your daily work is ending and a new cycle is beginning but you need to pay attention and acknowledge this specific change rather than let it pass you by in a brain fog. Be aware of your new perspectives and feel into that cozy-productive vibe.
The Taurus Sun is hitting up your love zone and we are in the last few weeks of that energy. This weekend communication in love is major and you may need to express some of your big dreams and desires for you to get clear on some things with your partner as well as with yourself. Monday brings in a different energy where you may need to crawl back into your shell and be alone for a hot sec to really take in what you just experienced. By Wednesday you’ll be back at it in full energy ready to take on the shift. But, it is important to think before you speak this weekend, if your words are true the outcome will be for the better.
Something is happening under the surface, you are at the beginning of a new cycle that you may not be able to pin point just yet. The energy this weekend may ask you to deal with others, or external things. This could bring frustration or blows to self esteem but don’t let this happen! Just ride through what is being asked of you and show up. By mid week you should re settle yourself, treat yourself to a night in.
There is so much energy going on for you right now, and some of it is ROUGH. With Saturn and Pluto both in retrograde and Mars all in your sign there is alto of contrasting energies that may keep you from expanding or acting on things. This weekend your are being asked to take some time for yourself, perfect time for journaling and deep self convos, or even surprising yourself with a new hair cut or outfit. Reconnect to who you are this weekend and keep hold of that energy all week.
There is definitely some kind of powerful awakening going on here, and that “ah ha!” moment may come to you regarding your work life and how it related to your self and how you can serve others. Monday symbolizes a kind of new beginning for you when the moon enters your sign briefly. How do you want to bloom this spring, Aquarius? Re-establish some goals, some self love and respect and kick some ass.
You are exactly where you should be. Whether you are feeling successful or feeling like a mess you are here for a reason. What could that be? A cycle is ending for you this week on a more subconscious level, your homie (aka ruling planet) Neptune is there keeping things feeling mystical and mysterious. That can be a little scary so this week is also a good time to reach out to your friends while you try to accept just being where you are. Go do your favorite activity with your favorite person or connect with some like minded people to help balance you as you enter a brand new phase.
There has been a lot of movement for you this month Aries! Perhaps a lot of ups and downs, but don’t let that get you down on yourself. Uranus and Mercury are on the edge of your sign now, soon moving into Taurus. This means there is a huge completion of a lesson or phase in your life. Pay attention to what you have been dealing with lately, is it teaching you something bigger? Consider this especially in areas of individuality, communication and career.