We got a week full of planetary transits ahead! Not only do we have a New Moon in Gemini on...
We got a week full of planetary transits ahead! Not only do we have a New Moon in Gemini on Wednesday the 13th but Mercury moves into the sweet sign of Cancer, adding a loving touch to how we communicate. On Thursday, Venus the sign of love and relationship shifts into Leo, this position of Venus is particularly strong and makes the next two weeks full of excitement, asking us to celebrate ourselves, our loved ones and how magical life can be!
This week there is an emphasis on home life and play, Aries. With Venus in your fellow fire sign, Leo, the overall energy is very excitable here, allowing you to have some fun with your general surroundings maybe loosen up a little when it comes to some home or family issues. This week you could also find yourself reconnecting with a hobby or something that really lights you up - like finding a playlist you used to listen to 24/7 in the 9th grade. The New Moon on Wednesday asks you to start a new cycle when it comes to you mindset and how you think about putting yourself out there. Whether you feel soft spoken, or that you have been speaking too much, now is time to turn over a new leaf and really listen to those around you and communicate only what you mean.
Your ruling planet, Venus is highlighting your private life, where you find stability and feel at home. With Venus being in Leo you may want to spend a little extra time working on things at home and making them feel good. This energy reminds me of days out with your family picking up new furniture, groceries and household items, not totally revamping your house but sprucing it up a bit so that it felt totally new afterwards in some way. That is the kind of fun loving productive vibe that is headed for you this week. There may be an added task of getting some finances or emotions in order with the New Moon on Wednesday.
You are at the beginning of a lot of new cycles here, Gemini. The New Moon is in your Sign which welcomes in a new emotional cycle, Mercury and Venus have also left your Zodiac sign recently meaning you are in the beginnings of new Love, and Communication cycles as well. How have these life areas changed for you so far? How do you want them to change? With Venus in Leo in your ruling house of Communication these questions are important to answer now as getting clear with your vision is super important and powerful for you this week.
Mercury enters your sign on Wednesday, Exactly as the new moon hits your 12th House. This means you are simultaneously ending a cycle and begining a new one. For the next month you will be finishing up some kind of emotional cycle, stuff that you may keep more private. This ending being paired with a brand new Mercury cycle for you is amazing! This means you are reworking how you think about yourself, your beliefs, your creative abilities and how you communicate your vision to others. What kind of fresh start are you feeling?
The next month is going to be very important for you Leo. Mercury will enter your sign in three weeks, so right now is the time to work through some old beliefs and habits and finally being ready to shed them. Venus enters your sign on Thursday marking a brand new cycle in your love life, with it being in your sign this could represent an easier more positive time with your relationships. The New Moon in your eleventh house brings your friendships and your dreams for your future to light. This is often a time where we may need to reconnect with people or ideas that serve us and let go of those that do not, this will benefit you extremely when the Sun enters your sign in just over 5 weeks.
You are working through some major changes here Virgo, and you may not feel a lot of change yet but its happening you just have to work through a few more mental cycles first. The New Moon is going to bring some kind of fresh start to your career this week, this could be a new attitude at work, a new work opportunity or perhaps a new desire to switch your job or career focus. Venus and Mercury are also inching towards finishing a cycle with your sign. in what ways are you experiencing love or expressing yourself? If there is something that isn't working, consider why now, tweak it if you can and work towards that new cycle now!
This is a great week to get excited and start up some of those big dreams or new ventures you have been working on Libra! With the excitable, inquisitive Gemini energy assisting this aspect in your chart and Venus bringing in a little extra support from your friend groups this week, you can have a lot of fun! Expect conversations that light up that inner entrepreneur or philosopher, try to take it a step further, how can you tap into your inner fire?
Transformation and growth really likes to stick around you, Scorpio. With the Sun and the New Moon shining on your life area of transformation you got a good chance to make some magic and step into a new phase in your life this week. What have you been hoping to overcome the past few months? What do you feel is your next challenge? I'm talkin' big picture here. You would be surprised at how easy it is to change once you embrace it. Venus in your life area of career and public image makes the idea of new beginnings and challenges super appealing this week.
The Gemini New Moon is in your 7th House, this can bring up a lot of issues with your relationships (past and present) and with you idea of love. This week, and the New Moon on Wednesday especially is the perfect time to examine what comes up relationship wise and consider if you need any closure on a relationship or perhaps need to recommit to one. If other people are in focus this week, remember to set some time aside to take care of yourself. This is also an interesting time for you with Mercury and Venus exploring your houses of transformation and personal development. What kind of changes do you want to make?
The planets have been circling your life area of daily habits for some time, Cap. With the New Moon this week you are being asked to really find a balance between your physical and mental health. Think "healthy body, healthy mind" or "Organized desk, organized mind". What do you need to sort out this week? There may be some kind of event this week to do with your love life, some kind of reminder that you will be intrigued by.
The planets are aligning for you in a way that reminds me of an all expenses paid vacation. Leisurely planning out your days, ordering in room service in the morning before you head out to some activity, all the while being there with people you love. I say this because the New Moon is in your Fifth house, creating some fun-loving freedom and an opening to new perspectives. Venus highlights your daily habits and brings something new and easy but rewarding to the mix as Mercury lands in your area of love and relationships. Now, don't be surprised if you hit a few rough spots, not all vacations are trouble free but, know that you have the ability to create your perfect week if you work the energies right!
Some kind of home or family re-vamp may be in order for you Pisces. You may be redecorating your house, planning a big family night or perhaps just a good ol' night in for you to enjoy your space. Whatever it is, this is the perfect energy to start fresh and reconnect to what grounds you and keeps you moving forward.The Gemini energy in the air may give you tons of ideas, new hobbies, new habits you want to pick up, or ways to drop your old ones. Try a few out this week and start from there!
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