Its finally June which means we are half way through Gemini Season, ruled by Mercury, Gemini is known for it's...

Its finally June which means we are half way through Gemini Season, ruled by Mercury, Gemini is known for it's inquisitive nature and mastery of communication. Currently the Sun and Mercury are hanging out together in Gemini which makes this week super powerful for expressing yourself and getting a little adventurous!


This is a great time for you Aries! The Sun and Mercury are both hitting your third house of communication - the house ruled by Gemini. With this energy tripled you may be overwhelmed with the opportunities to express yourself and discover new things - in the best way! Gemini and Aries work really well together in fueling each others curiosity and ambition. Depending on other aspects of your personal astrology this energy may cause some struggles in whatever forms of communication and expression you like to do (writing, posting on social media, dancing, making music). Don't you worry, this is a great time for you to live in the moment and discover it all! With Gemini energy there isn't much need for anything to come from the knowledge you acquire but rather a deep comfort in living in the present.


You may become hyper conscious of what is important to you and what you need to create stability in your life. June marks half way through the year, making this the perfect time for you to see how you have been doing with your goals since January. Mercury is opposite to your life area of love and relationships, suggesting that relationships may play a part in these realizations and these shifts in your values.


This is it, the perfect week to consider how you are presenting yourself and communicating your desires, beliefs etc to the world. With Mercury moving our of your sign on the 13th this is the last full week of this super powerful energy to either re-establish yourself. You may have been exploring some new daily habits, hobbies, or ways of thinking this month, transforming you somewhat under the surface. This week seems to help crystallized those changes you have made to yourself and this will help those new habits stick around ... make sure they are good ones.


The past few weeks have been asking you to take a bit of a breather from your regular life and sink back into consideration of other parts of yourself / life that you haven't been paying attention too. If you have taken a bit of time out this mercury in Gemini aspect may call on you to take a leap of faith and make some kind of change. If you haven't been listening however and life has been a little to hasty for you then you might notice some kind of set back this week asking you to shut up, and take some time to reflect on where it is you wanna go and how you want to be seen in this world.


This week brings some major focus on your friendships and how you can mentally and psychically create balance between self and others in your life. This can be a bit tricky, you may have to set some boundaries with others and be like "I hear you but i need to do something for my self right now" especially if you have given them enough of your time already. For some, it can be the other way around, have you been putting someone important you aside for selfish reasons? All this energy is happening with Mars opposite to you which can create lack of action. To fight this, make sure to communicate. Mercury is on your side and as long as you are true to yourself, others should accept that.


The double Gemini Energy is hitting your 10th house of work and public image. However, this is happening three zodiac signs away from yours creating what astrologers call a Square aspect. This suggest that you may have been having trouble in this area the majority of Gemini season. You may feel a little warn down and suffocated by some aspects of your work place or ambitions and not fully voicing your opinions or feeling fully satisfied. The beauty of tense times like this is that they reveal what we really want, there is opportunity here to make plans for change and be the better person rather than sink into some self-loathing, low vibe energies. Just hold on another few weeks and the energies will shift promise.


Making any big plans lately? Now is the time to get the m started, look into that trip or that business venture, get daydreaming of that dream life and start exploring ways to make ti a reality. Mercury and Gemini are hitting up your life area of exploration and philosophy, making this a super expansive time for personal growth. This is happening opposite to your life area of communication so you may not feel called to share it just yet.


This double Mercury energy is happening opposite to your sign which can bring a lot of reluctance to paying attention to the current energies. But, if you are reading this hey that's a start! The Gemini Sun has been asking you to look at what areas of life you are feeling transformation, this could also be areas of Sex and Money, but are more often than not part of some greater re-birthing cycle. Where do you feel you are begin called to change and grow? How have you been ignoring these signs and what can you do to embrace them?


Your life area of love and relationships is in the spot light right now Sagittarius. With major influences on your communication and mental awareness how are you viewing your partnerships? This can be of all kinds, your SO, BFF or work bestie, sometimes even your boss or your mother! This is the perfect time to discover new levels to your relationships. You may even be thinking about how different they are or perhaps needed to let go of a relationship or two. Know that you gotta make sure the relationships you have serve you and help you grow, if they don't let 'em go!


You may be exploring what type of routine works best for you, how you like to live on a day to day basis. You may also be getting some insight on where exactly it is that you want to put your self in order to help others, and serve the world. This double Gemini energy really helps you discover new ways of living and being. However, there is a lot of complicated energy going on near your sign (Saturn , Jupiter and Pluto all in retrograde) which may keep you from feeling excited or completed enthralled by this energy. The important thing here is the little things that you do get excited about, those habits you change and the good thoughts that you fuel will later show up to create a wave of transformation and abundance. Just hang in their Capricorn.


This double Gemini energy may have lifted some kind of weight of your shoulders. It's influence on your fifth house of fun and creativity helps you keep your mind on the positive side of things and open yourself up to some new creative and intellectual pursuits. With Mars and Saturn close by this energy could be accompanied by big life changes. This week you are moving with a purpose to create a better outlook for the future in order for you to get more joy from life, and really dive into that positive vibe.


The Sun and Mercury are bringing matters of home and family into focus. How does your family contribute to your own identity, what matters of home life need to change for you to thrive and feel grounded? These are just a few versions of the questions being asked of you this month. With it being the last full week of Mercury in this position it is important for you to get clear with what you need to change about your home and family life and set some practices for you to adjust. in whatever way you need to.

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