We are halfway through Virgo season and there is a lot of opportunity going on here! The New Moon in...

We are halfway through Virgo season and there is a lot of opportunity going on here! The New Moon in Virgo on Sunday brought a renewed sense of focus and organization to specific areas in your life. This is the best time to set routine and get into good habits before we get swept up in romantic Libra season in two weeks.

Aries : Aries Rising 

This is PRIME TIME for you to get organized. The Sun is in Virgo and is hitting on your sixth house, which is the one Virgo rules. This means you are ready to start new habits, routines and get your shit together for the rest of the season. Mars Square Venus may bring some discomfort to you this week which is basically a huge reminder to not be too critical of yourself. You may not be the most organized, but what is your version of it? You may not be able to pay all those bills yet, but what can you pay? Get a routine going that suits you and works with your best lifestyle.

Taurus : Taurus Rising

The productive energy of Virgo is one that blends nicely with the energy of your sign. This stable productive energy actually allows you to have a little fun! you may want to break away from your normal routine and try something different, taking a class or taking up a new hobby. Either way, this is the perfect time for you to broaden your perspective and enjoy this week.

Gemini : Gemini Rising

With the main energies in the sky reflecting stability and getting grounded you can use this time to restructure your foundations. This could be as simple as rearranging your living space or preparing for a move. More importantly though, this could mean a change in your mindset and perception of things. If you have been going through a rough time and you have been looking to get over an event or person, or just getting out of a funk, this Virgo season is preparing you for that change. What is something that was so fundamental to you before that is asking to be changed?

Cancer : Cancer Rising

The next few weeks are going to be all about how you communicate. Whenever the Sun hits this point in our chart each year it is important to consider if we have been speaking and living our truth. How are you expressing yourself, how are you speaking to others, to yourself? This is the perfect time to make a change if you have been too critical of others or yourself. With all the opportunistic energy in the sky right now this is also a good time to write resumes and essays because you seem to be clear with what you want to say.

Leo : Leo Rising

Money matters have come to the forefront of your life once again. As a Leo, you may have a tendency to overindulge, after al,l you are royalty, right? This month is an important one to et your finances in order, set out a udget plan, or pay off those bills. Tip: Budgeting apps like Mint or Cleo are really helpful with keeping track of where your money goes so you can change your routine accordingly. This is also a godo tiem to check in with what is important to you, what do you value the most. Have you been ingnoring that value or have you been letting it drive your purpose? All these things need to be considered in order for you to move on to the next phase of your life.

Virgo : Virgo Rising

All the Virgo energy!! we are just coming down from the New Moon in Virgo and the sun is still in your sign for the next few weeks, you may be still celebrating your birthday or hanging on to that feeling of a fresh solar year. With the majority of the planets in earth signs this week you really do have the opportunity to set new goals and begin something brand new. This may have more to do with your personal identity, so your appearance, personal brand, lifestyle or career! What changes have you always wanted to make? Who have you always wanted to be?

Libra : Libra Rising

We are in the last few weeks until the sun is in your sign, Libra! This could mean  that you will experience a little discomfort as you attempt to tie up loose ends and get clear with where you want to go on your new solar year! What phase is ending for you? Is there something you may need to get closure with before you move on? It may seem like nothing is really changing more moving forward but that is only because you need to properly acknowledge the end of that thing, phase or relationship before you can have space for the new in your life!

Scorpio : Scorpio Rising 

With Venus Square Mars in your sign, you may have some issues crop up this week around love and how to deal with your relationships. When planets are square it means that there is tension, some kind of obstacle is there and you may be afraid to act and move through it. The trick is to face whatever it is, head on without worrying about the discomfort because it will pass. It's one of those things where you would rather just know what is going on than spend weeks in an unsure state. This tension you deal with this week is also likely to open up an opportunity that will serve your greater purpose, which is a theme we have seen before in your horoscopes so this may be something that has come up before but you have ignored.

Sagittarius :  Sagittarius Rising

This month has brought a big focus on your Career and Work, how you can make productive steps towards your goals and perhaps even more suitable career changes. Your sign is sandwiched between some really powerful planets right now which brings a lot of opportunity to you and its important for you to think about how you want to use it. Where do you want to go? How do you want to get there? These are things to keep in mind this week as Venus, Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto are all working their magic around you.

Capricorn : Capricorn Rising

You may be stuck in your fantasies a bit more this week Capricorn, Saturn and Pluto are moving away from each other in your sign which opens up some space for dreaming. This is kinda nice for you since you may tend to take life seriously lately and have dealt with a lot of crazy energy in your sign over the summer. How can you keep the energy optimistic and full of opportunity this week?

Aquarius : Aquarius Rising

With Mars in your sign and the sun and recent New Moon highlighting your life area of transformation there is A LOT of movement going on for you this week. You may feel like a totally  different person! Which, as an Aquarius can be a bit unnerving, and exciting! hold on to the excitement of the opportunities in front of you rather than getting swept away in nostalgia this week. Transformation is good, it helps us grow into who we are meant to be, after all who wants to stay the same forever?

Pisces : Pisces Rising

Your Romantic life is getting a subtle upgrade this month Pisces. Things may be getting a bit more structured and organized when it comes to your relationships. The Virgo Sun and New Moon assisted by all the planets in earth signs this week are helping you create and nurture healthy relationships. Being mindful of each others personal obstacles and mindsets is very important and may come into play this week as Neptune, the planet of psychology influences your sign.